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Reviews and testimonies from our most important people, you our clients.

​’Simply a brilliant course for the budding coach. If you want to take your coaching to the next level, actually a few levels, this is ideal. The content is delivered perfectly by two experts in their field. It doesn’t matter where you are with your coaching skills, you can’t help but be amazed about what you will uncover about yourself and discover about coaching. You’ll be encouraged to dig deeper into the subject and unearth techniques that will only help you on the journey to being the coach you want to be. Best thing I have ever done….but then I say that about each new Tri Coaching Partnership course I complete! Can’t say enough great things about it. 10/10′

Terry Lefteri

​I am approaching day 6 of the Tri-Coaching ‘Excellence in Coaching’ course. I would like to let people know what a great course this is. I feel sad when I think about not attending it any more. I have learnt so much already, more than I realised I would! Yes, the course focuses on skills needed to be a great coach, structuring and delivering coaching conversations and powerful questions, but there is also so much more. It gets you thinking and feeling like a coach. It prepares you for setting up your coaching business. And it leaves you enthusiastic about growing and developing as a coach. If you’ve got any inkling about wanting to develop yourself as a coach then I can highly recommend this course. I can see it helping me just in everyday situations at home and work already. Can’t wait for the next 3 days of training and to get started with my new career! ????

Suzie Cokayne

Wow, what a decision I made to sign up for the excellence in coaching course with Tri-coaching. It has surpassed all of my expectations, fueled my desire to become an accredited coach even more and ignited my thirsty for learning. The confidence gained already excites me. I feel I’m on the path to unlocking my potential as a certified coach. Recommend to everyone total value for money.


Neil Wightman

​Attending this course has been a game changer for me. Delving deeper than I have ever been before into the power of coaching and the knowledge and skills required to help coaching clients unlock their growth potential.

Susan and Graham take you by the hand and guide you through what at first might seem a daunting prospect of holding a powerful coaching conversation. They help you discover your inner strengths, reflect, and set personal goals for your own development into and around the subject.

Their enthusiasm for your success is always on show. Supporting you and bringing you to a point of deeper understanding and excitement about your own personal options for the future.

You will get the most from the course if you are open minded to new ideas and conceots, open to learning and prepared to be challenged to grow knowledge and understanding on a number of levels.

If your passion is helping with the personal development of others and seek a deeper knowledge and understanding of the coaching process then this course is for you.

You will make some great like minded friends on the course that support you and your development. You will also achieve some personal challeges along the way and become excited, positive and re-energised with new goals set around your future in coaching.

I highly recommend this course for those with a real interest in coaching for a living or developing their current coaching skills up a number of levels.

Ray Seagrave

I’m attending the ‘Excellence in Coaching’ course right now with the Tri-Coaching Partnership.

The course content is brilliantly written and presented in a way that would appeal to any level.  From those who have not yet explored coaching to those who have experience already, it is perfectly balanced for any level of development.

Throughout the first half of this course, I have experienced massive shifts in my own development and as a group, we have bonded well to learn in such a safe and supportive environment that only exists because of the brilliance of the Tri-Coaching team.

The course has filled me with excitement and energy coupled with the self-belief that I can go for my goals and dreams and help people to achieve theirs too!  This brings me so much joy!!!

Already, I have the confidence to move forwards in developing a coaching business and I’m now identifying which steps I need to set out for myself in achieving that.

The course takes you clearly and effectively through the steps required to deliver a high standard of coaching with plenty of opportunity to develop those skills with practical sessions where you can experience being the coach and coachee, and as an observer delivering feedback that helps to get a perspective on the dynamics of a coaching environment.

I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a well-structured coaching programme that hits all of the criteria needed to coach with confidence that also leads to accreditation.

Samantha Taylor