I appreciate the invitation! Eric always blows me away with his knowledge about the creative mind. I’m looking forward to the second half of the program. Thank you!” ~ Beverly

Here’s the first of our 2-part webinar with American Psychotherapist, Teacher, Coach, and Author, Eric Maisel, who shared how to work specifically with creative and performing artists such as writers, visual artists, craftspeople, musicians, actors, and others. You can watch the recording here:

Don’t miss the second part of this webinar! We have more seats prepared for you!

Eric Maisel, Ph.D., is the author of 50+ books, including Coaching the Artist Within, Unleashing the Artist Within, The Van Gogh Blues, Fearless Creating, Inside Creative Coaching and The Creativity Workbook for Coaches and Creatives. He trains creativity coaches, maintains a worldwide coaching practice, but is happiest rolling on the floor with his grandkids.

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