A word from our host – I was absolutely fascinated by Donna’s take on empathy and she presented it in a very thought-provoking way and compelling way. Though I had never looked at it that way, it made total sense and she backed up her points with some great references. Would seriously recommend all coaches, leaders and aspiring leaders to sit up and listen. Otherwise, empathy alone could well be a curse. Listen up! ~ Julie Kennedy, APC, Host, Netherlands

Relive the incredible insights and valuable discussions on “Empathy as a Leadership Skill: A Curse or A Gift!,” featuring our special guest Donna McGrath.

In this 45-minute masterclass, Donna delved into:

  1. What empathy is and is not,
  2. How to manage your empathy,
  3. How to empower others when in empathy.


Donna McGrath is a specialist Leadership Coach and Mentor for In-House Lawyers.  She is a qualified Master coach accredited by IAPC&M.  She is a former Solicitor, Best Selling Author (Breaking Barriers), and a leadership book.  She was a Solicitor for many years (now former) working across top FTSE 100 companies for 14 yrs,  She stepped out of practice in 2020 with a newly formed mission to bring joy to Legal Leaders through our ILLP (In-House Lawyers Leadership Programme).  

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