A word from our host – “Impressive and thorough Masterclass today. Fascinating facts about emotions and beliefs. I learnt a lot! Really solid stuff we can put into practice, shared by a very knowledgeable and likeable man. Enjoy!” ~ Julie Kennedy, APC, Host, Netherlands

Relive the incredible insights and valuable discussions on “Emotions Communicating Empathy and Compassion,” featuring our special guest John Parr.

During this 45-minute masterclass, John delved into:

  1. The evolution of emotions;
  2. The importance of emotion; and
  3. Simplifying communicating with emotion.

Watch the recording here:

John Parr MSc psychotherapy. Prior to qualifying as a therapist, he was an HR Manager in a multinational electronics company. John has managed his own consulting company for over 35 years.

He is a past President of the European TA Association and past Vice President of the International TA Association. His special interest is in communications and human behaviour and developed a unique model for applied Emotional Intelligence, the Emotional Assertiveness Model.

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