Introducing our special guest speaker, Accredited Master Coach, Bee Flanagan.

During this 75-minute masterclass, you will learn:

  1. Understanding The Benefits Of Emotional Fitness In Coaching;
  2. Establish Weekly Emotional Fitness Routines;
  3. How to maintain daily routines to ensure we stay emotionally fit; and
  4. Making the connection between emotional fitness and physical fitness.

Watch the recording here:


Bee Flanagan is an AMC with almost 15 years experience as a Coach specialising in Emotional Fitness Coaching with teenagers and young adults. Bee empowers her clients to build resilience, strength and stamina through positive mindset focus in one to one and group coaching. Delivering her PALS™️ Programmes to teenagers in schools allows Bee to connect with young people in a positive, engaging and fun environment.

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Please feel free to share this opportunity with anyone else you know will benefit; it’s freely available to all practitioners, not just IAPC&M accredited practitioners.

Any questions, please contact us HERE.