Everyone has hidden roadblocks that get in the way of achieving goals, Executive Coach Monique Daigneault has a simple but effective solution.

Monique, who has been working as a coach for more than 25 years, said: “Roadblocks such as fear, lack of confidence and assertiveness, or even lack of knowledge can slow your progress in life. If you are a professional in the corporate world it’s even worse. All eyes are on you and your roadblocks become glaringly obvious to others. The solution is simple but first let’s see if you can relate to any of these problems.My corporate clients have had trouble giving formal presentations, closing sales, using assertive communication, navigating conflict, managing direct reports, collaborating, and the list goes on.”


Monique added: “Are you missing out on promotions? Is your team missing goals and deadlines – so you end up micro-managing them to get results? Do you get flustered and fold when under pressure? Are you being told you need to ‘manage up’ better or be more visible?
The problem is two-fold: 1. Everyone sees these issues, so they KNOW you are struggling (even if you think they don’t know). 2. The longer you delay addressing them, the quicker your career will stall out. You will go nowhere fast! The solution is to find a qualified Executive Coach who has been trained in a solid coaching methodology and has been in the corporate trenches. A qualified coach can, with laser-like collaboration, reverse your situation and put a proactive structure in place so that you keep moving forward. As a matter of fact, results will be so sudden that your senior leaders, peers, and direct reports will wonder what you did!”

“Here is an example of how fast things can be reversed: My client struggled with giving the same sales presentation every year to an audience of 100 and never converted even one person. After eight sessions of coaching he gave the same presentation and converted 70% of the audience!”

Here are a few things we worked on:

Getting to know the audience in advance
Physical poise
Verbal and nonverbal communication
The technical structure of a presentation
Creating the right atmosphere for the audience
Gauging audience engagement and needs in real-time
Thinking spontaneously when answering questions
Follow up strategy and demos after the presentation

Mionique added: “These weren’t things he would have known to do on his own. A qualified coach can quickly get into the weeds and see things that you can’t see for yourself. That’s the beauty of having an outside perspective! So, you can try to resolve things on your own while time whisks by, or you can cut to the chase and hire an Executive Coach to help you fast track your career. Which will it be?”

Monique Daigneault, ASC, Executive Coach

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