This has been an amazing session – thank you, I look forward to your 2nd session on Friday Jennifer this is really valuable. Thank you again – Navlett Simei

Thanks so much really excellent content – will be using polls in the future. – Gemma Jennings

With most conversations taking place in the virtual space today, creating a memorable, actionable and practical virtual call has never been more important.

In this year’s ICW presentation on Effective Virtual Conversations, I shared a number of different tools and practices we can incorporate to create more impact and memorability in our work.

As you go to design your next program keep in mind the PEBBLLES ETC model of design we explored with design. I propose this model in Effective Virtual Conversations which serve as a reminder of the importance of , as well as some of the interactive tools which can be activated or incorporated

Polls – Using the internal zoom poll function or the MentiMeter poll function we used;

Breakouts – Consider how you might have people connect in smaller groups of 2-5 to discuss different approaches, practices and resources. Use chat as a way to feed those insights back to the larger group

Annotation – In order to make virtual conversations more interactive, use annotation to have people select photos, indicate where they are on a continuum, or to vote on where the group needs to go.

Visuals – Still photography and videos are two options or creating a more memorable call. What written content do you have that might be able to be converted across to video?

Less is more in the virtual space, and what people will remember are the conversations. What are you going to do to put into practice a new tool or technique in your upcoming conversations?

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Someone on the call will receive a complimentary signed copy of Jennifer’s book, Effective Virtual Conversations

Bio: Jennifer is the author of Effective Virtual Conversations (2017), From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching and three other business books. She is the host of the ICF CCE approved Virtual Facilitation Essentials program, an 8.5 CCE virtual train-the-trainer program. She’s also the co-host of the Remote Pathways podcast which explores the different digital journeys of a wide variety of remote professionals – from solopreneurs, to project managers, sales professionals and virtual team leaders. You can find her online at, on Facebook at EffectiveGroupCoaching, on YouTube at EffectiveGroupCoach, and on Instagram.

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