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The purpose of the education department is to provide resources to support the on going development of IAPCM accredited professional coaches and mentors.

Education focuses on three key areas of benefit to you:

1.The Business of Coaching and Mentoring 

Far too many coaches and mentors are struggling to make a living in the profession.  So, this vital section includes resources to help you build and develop your business acumen.  It covers the practical aspects of having a business and the all-important subject of sourcing paying clients.

In direct response to concerns, feedback and questions from training organisations, coaches and mentors The Business of Coaching and Mentoring Programme has been designed to address the needs of practitioners who have finished a training course, or are struggling to become established.

2.Professional Capability

For coaches and mentors who want to hone their technical skills and add to the tools they already use with clients.  This section shares CPD resources that promote best practice approaches to coaching and mentoring.

3.Personal Development

As coaches and mentors we take responsibility for our own development, so this section provides resources to assist with managing mindset, building confidence and boosting motivation.


To access the Education CPD resources, sign into the members area.