Noble Manhattan Coaching (NMC) is an IAPC&M-accredited training provider.

As one of the biggest coach training providers in the world, they have many platforms to help their students realise their business dreams.

Their offer to you today is to help you become published with their new media platform e-Books For You great for turning a thesis, or a series of blogs into an e-book – after all, being published is the new calling card, it adds credibility to your claim that you’re an expert in your field, it gives you something tangible to entice new clients and reward existing clients, and of course, it becomes part of your legacy that you were here and made a positive difference as you never know who else is reading and benefiting from your story.

Books For You is an initiative and idea created by Gerard O’Donovan, the owner and founder Of Noble Manhattan Coaching.

Gerard has been at the forefront of the coaching industry for the last 19 years and has personally trained over 25000 men and women to be wonderful life coaches, executive coaches and corporate coaches.

As part of his vision and quest to help coaches to be all that they can be and to build a large sustainable and financially rewarding practice, he wanted to create a site where coaches could easily raise their profile, build their image and become known worldwide as published authors.

Therefore Books For You – Online was created as a platform for all coaches worldwide to publish their work. This is now free for a limited period for coaches and student coaches worldwide to register as authors and get their first pieces of work published ( up to 3 ).

Grab This Opportunity and Register As An Author

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