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Alessandra Patti

Confidence Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I am a truly passionate communicator with diverse background. I am an expert in teaching people how to say NO, in boosting their confidence and in empathizing. I operate in Zurich but potentially also internationally.

I am a salsa dance lover and I have a passion for real books!

Vicky Petalidou

Life, Health & Wellness Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Hi, I am Vicky and my goal is to support and inspire you to thrive in life and achieve balance, good health & wellness.
I am an enthusiastic Life, Health and Wellness Coach and Trainer and a strong advocate of personal development in all aspects of life.

I've worked in the private sector in Marketing & E-Commerce for over 25+ years. I know firsthand how challenging it can be to balance a high demanding profession, family life, personal interests and selfcare.
After my share of challenges and struggles, I turned to my journey of personal development.

I've studied and trained in several disciplines such as Life, Health & Wellness, Positive Psychology, Whole Person Health & Nutrition and Detoxification.
In 2022 I founded Better Life Lab, a place to enhance wellbeing and optimize work-life balance.

My moto “Everything happens for a reason” sums up my view that what ever happens, good or not so good, is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Reach out to me to talk about wellbeing, personal empowerment, work-life balance, and corporate wellness.

Neli Petkova

Holistic Talent and Leadership Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Senior Coach
About Me

My story is that I love working with people. I love seeing them love, grow, develop, having an authentic life. This is what I strive for in life - helping as many people as I can to find their purpose, express their authenticity and emotions through their career and leadership style.

I support teams and organizations to become more human-centered, which makes them thrive from the inside out, using coaching and training methodologies. I help leaders to connect to their values and heart, develop their strengths, and build outstanding human skills so that they can contribute to the team more effectively and to society with a purpose.

As a Talent Acquisition strategist and consultant, I contribute to the companies’ growth.

As a former scientist, I have been dedicated to exploring stem cells and I worked in the fields of cancer research and tissue engineering.

I am Bulgarian by birth and international by heart, having lived in several European countries.

Personal Coaching:
- Career Change and Development
- Leadership Skills Development
- Social and Emotional Intelligence
- Mindful Life

- Recruitment coaching and training
- Mindfulness at work
- Leadership Coaching
- Using coaching skills at work
See more at

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

I am a practicing commercial Attorney-at-Law and Managing Partner in the law firm Nicholson Phillips. Also an Accredited Master Coach, Neuro Linguistics Programming Practitioner and Trainer, my coaching work focuses on persons and organizations which have as their aim human evolution through conscious practice whether as managers, leaders, coaches or mentors. I bring over twenty five years of providing legal advice to progressive entities and persons and over thirty five years of experience facilitating, coaching and training in transformation for superior thinking and performance.

My approach to coaching is both intuitive and challenging while supporting my clients to courageously connect with their authentic selves, allowing them to responsibly and ethically create the world they dream of. I assist them to be the managers, leaders and mentors they aspire to be with heart, integrity and audacity be they social entrepreneurs or otherwise. My combined skills set brings both left and right brain attributes to the solving of problems bringing an unusually fresh approach along with the usual fastidiousness and careful construction expected of lawyers.

Beatrice Phillips

Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

As a Lifestyle Medicine Coach, I am often misunderstood as one to get you to eat your veggies and love them too. You already know, health and fitness are considered a small but important part of a life fully lived. What you might not know, is that you don’t have to eat carrot sticks to turn into a fat burning machine.

Notice, building a resilient, strong flexible body and sound mind appears to slowly slip away as we age. You may have spent the past years perfecting one area while neglecting another, focusing on career or family while other things just fell off the wagon.

A couple of years later you wake up, drained and discouraged, wondering who you have become. There might be some extra clingy pounds draining your confidence and self-esteem. Caffeine and body aches are the routine. Falling behind deadlines? Lifegoals collecting dust? Energy left the room?

Using specific strategies coupled with coaching tools you can modify behavior patterns that no longer serve you. Achieve an optimal mindset and be the best version of yourself. Skyrocket your energy, slip back into your favorite jeans and start doing the things you are passionate about and rock your day, every day.

In a nutshell, you just read my life story. My experience is drawn from working in 22 different countries, across cultures from micro business to multi-national corporations, putting in exhaustive hours. Growing up is a trap, if you have fallen into it, let me help take your world back by storm.

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
  • Accredited Master Mentor
About Me

In essence, I am a transformative coach and consultant. I transform leaders, team and cultures so that they can achieve outcomes they never thought were possible. My passion is working with people with big aspirations to change those hard-to-shift habits, emotional patterns and unconscious blocks that stand in the way of them achieving sustainable and self-perpetuating change, be that:
* better leadership, team or organisational performance,
* higher resilience,
* growing their business
* creating effective org culture or habits
* achieving life goals

I have worked internationally for 20+ years advising boards and senior leaders on business transformation, complex people and culture change management private, public and voluntary sectors, leading and delivering 60 consultancy engagements. I have coached numerous leaders, teams and entrepreneurs in different industries through e.g. successful career transition, transformation from traditional, directive to co-creative, inclusive leader, effects of traumatic experiences and post-traumatic growth, confidence building and creation of a profitable business.

What you can expect when you coach with me:
* proven yet innovative approaches grounded neuroscience, cultural antropology and somatics
* clarity on your outcomes and a measurable roadmap to get there
* a partner who will be with you all the way, yet challenge you where you need it
* a coach who is flexible, values driven and gets results fast

Katrin Prentice

Managing Director

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Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

Managing Director of Palitri International Ltd t/a Noble Manhattan Europe-CE .

I am the first Bulgarian ‘Master Coach’, accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M), with over 16 years of 4000 hours of experience working with individual clients.

I am an experienced Executive Coach. I primarily specialize in life dynamics and help clients with cases related to work/life balance, career choices, relationships with others, time management, achieving success in the workplace, the well-being of spirit, mind, and body, making important decisions, etc. I have over 8 years of experience as a coach of teams in non-governmental organizations in 9 countries of Eastern Europe.

I have lived seven years in Hungary and 12 years in Romania. My personal and professional life leads through working in 26 different countries, giving me extensive experience working in an international and multi-national environment. I have participated in organizing and conducting training sessions in several countries, including Romania, Croatia, Albania, Hungary, Germany, Ukraine, and others, on topics such as personal counseling, human development, PR, internal organizational coaching and management teams projects profit.

Other Positions I hold are:

One of the trainers, Mentor, and final assessor in the Noble Manhattan Coaching Faculty.
I am also on the Quality & Control board for Noble Manhattan Coaching.

Suzanne Pruss

Staff Option Process Mentor-Counselor, Senior Option Process Teacher-Trainer, Son-Rise Program Senior Teacher, Manager of Option Process program development and training.

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Accredited Status
  • Accredited Fellow Mentor
About Me

In 1992 I arrived at the Option Institute® international learning & training center to volunteer and attend Option Process classes to learn attitudinal skills to be happier. During that summer, I was introduced to The Autism Treatment Center of America, an adjunct training center for parents with children on the autism spectrum. I fell in love with the teachings and most especially people on the spectrum. I found my calling both teaching families world-wide with children on the spectrum to create their own home-based programs, as well as the attitudinal tools of the Option Process and Option Process Dialogue.

I especially love teaching parents how to be comfortable, have fun, and be awesomely capable as they support their child on the spectrum to grow to their fullest potential.

Being on staff at the Option Institute and Autism Treatment Center of America as both a Son-Rise Program teacher and an Option Process Teacher-Trainer my services include:
- Son-Rise Program Consultations for parents with children on the spectrum
- Option Process Dialogue sessions for individuals and couples wanting to change their beliefs to go from discomfort to comfort.
- Individual Option Process Mentor training.
- Teaching group training programs in both the Son-Rise Program methodology and the Option Process Dialogue process.

Training others in these tools is an on-going joy in my life.

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

As HR professional and coach, I truly believe in people’s ability to change, to solve problems, to develop and to make progress. My main focus is to support them in this process. I am not the one who give answers and solutions but the one who listen and show possibilities so they can make a positive difference in their careers.

My main areas of interest are career coaching, job search coaching and leadership coaching. All three are in line with my professional background of HR leader in global companies. For over ten years I have been able to see how recruitment and career development processes work and how sometimes they do not work properly. Thanks to that I’m able to help my Clients to go through with success.

I have also gained significant international exposure as I lived in three foreign countries. This time abroad changed my life in so many ways - it taught me not only to deal with different cultures but also to adapt quickly to changing environment, to start new things and never give up. This energy is something I share with my Clients.

I’m passionate about using my experience to help Clients to discover their strengths, set goals and make the positive change happen.

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Fellow Coach
About Me

"One of the UK's leading coaches" - writer/coach/broadcaster/public speaker

I am passionate about helping people reach their professional and personal potential, build their businesses, get more clients or gain confidence or the courage to follow a big dream.

A high profile Life, Business and Media Coach I have been coaching with private and corporate clients for the past 15 years and have gleaned a wealth of personal development expertise.

I am also MD of the Pure Coaching Academy which is an accredited (IAPC&M) 8 week life coach training course where I train people to become world class coaches. It includes an incisive coaching manual which is the handbook of any new life coach when starting out.

Columnist for The Daily Express - see my Happy Mondays column every Monday which covers coaching, happiness and work/life balance issues. I am the only coach in the UK to have my own column in a national daily paper.

I am co-author of books Find Your Dream Job and Start Your Dream Business which have 5 stars on Amazon and the book has been featured on Simon Mayo's Five Live, Vanessa Feltz and the World Service.

I have over 20 years media experience (I have written for many of the nationals including The Sun, The Independent on Sunday and Red magazine) and am enjoying working as a spokesperson in radio and print media campaigns.

I am the winner of ‘Best Coach’ in Best Business Women’s Awards 2017

Sally Ryan

Life Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Have you ever felt lost, unhappy, uninspired, know that you want something different but have no idea what that might be?

That was me a few years ago. I had given up my high-powered job as MD of a software company when I had my son and, two children later, had completely lost sight of who I was and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. At one point, someone asked me what I would do if I won a million pounds and I couldn’t answer. I had to find a way back to life and started searching for anything and anyone that could help me.

Enter life coaching! Loving its future-focused and action-oriented approach, I found a life coach and I found my way back to me. I became more positive and happy, reconnected with what I loved doing and, after 12 years as a full-time Mum, returned to work as an IT Project Manager with a social enterprise.

Fast forward a few more years and, having given up work for family reasons, I decided to retrain as a coach to help other people with the journey that I went on. I studied with The Pure Coaching Academy and am an Accredited Practitioner Coach with the IAPC&M. I work with clients face-to-face in Orpington and Bromley and via Skype for clients elsewhere.

Hala Saab Chatila

*Accredited Practitioner Coach; Empowerment & Transformational Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me


I am Hala Saab Chatila, an Empowerment & Transformational Coach. I’ve had some painful lessons and challenging experiences in my own life where it was persevered with insanely uncomfortable emotions. I’ve been caught up in overthinking, feeling dejected, worried, and sometimes, I’ve asked myself why me? But by time I recognized that if I don’t seek a better version of me who will do. Therefore, I started enhancing myself by reading more, doing researches, listening and watching empowerment videos, attending seminars and finally enrolling in an Accredited Coaching Institution, all of this helped me out to transform and rewire my mindset to be the new version of me, to accept and to face this challenge and responsibility. From that transformational moment, I started enjoying my life.

This boost and positive energy made a whole difference. Due to this, I am here to lead those that are ready to make essential changes in their lives, those that crave to step in more fully to who they are and everything they were planned to be. To those who want to grow in a safe environment and experience the real-life as it is, by getting all the knowledge they need, socializing and connecting with others, believing in themselves and their capabilities, not to forget their given talents and gifts that lead them to become empowered, courageous, confident and intellectually stronger.

I am a published author for a free EBook {Coaching Empowers Caregiver Women}

Rania Saadi

NLP Master Practitioner, Coach and Trainer

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I provide Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Parenting Coaching and consultation. In addition to providing trainings in both personal and business development for individuals and organizations.

I work with clients who own small businesses, trying to set up a new one, or seeking to take a new career direction. Clients who are looking for a major change in their life, improving the quality of their life by getting rid of anxiety, bad habits, or simply by recognizing their values and finding their purpose. My clients also include parents of kids of all ages, looking for guidance into conscious parenting, enriching therefore, their parent-child relationship.

My Background in NLP and in Rapid Transformational Therapy and Hypnosis allows me to have a set of tools that creates a holistic approach to cater for my clients needs. I believe that when there is a will, there is a way. The mind is a powerful tool and when we understand how to lead it, anything is possible. Changing your mindset is the first step into success, happiness and fulfillment.

My mission is to help people thrive in different areas of their lives, by helping them remove obstacles and limiting beliefs. Ultimately, reaching their full potential and achieving their goals.

I provide sessions both online through Skype or Zoom and face to face, and operate nationally (Jordan) and internationally.

Looking forward to meeting you:)

Jemma Sandell

Business Success Coach & Mentor

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Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I am an experienced Advanced Massage & Skin Therapist turned accredited Business Coach and Mentor dedicated to guiding solopreneurs within the health, wellness, and beauty sectors.

With nearly 14 years navigating this dynamic industry, I've owned a beauty salon and ventured into the solo realm for the past 5 years. Yet, amidst successes, I faced challenges that led to a transformative journey from rock bottom to rebuilding a new business in a new county. This experience fuelled my passion for coaching & mentoring, aiming to shield others in our industry from similar hardships.

My mission:
• Empower you to seize control of your business, aligning it precisely with YOUR vision.
• Provide tailored coaching and mentoring for YOUR immediate and future triumphs.
• Offer specialised business support for independent specialists eager to boost income without expanding into a team.

• Elevate marketing strategies to unparalleled heights,
• Cultivate and retain a robust client base,
• Craft a compelling brand message,
• Master financial strategies,
• Streamline time management for business growth.

I aim to share lessons learned to help you navigate smoother paths. I'm not just a coach; I'm your partner on the road to success. Let's craft a plan that brings your dreams to life.

Pauline Sawaya

Executive Coach & Business Enabler

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

Pauline Sawaya is a Passionate Executive, her passion is taking the coaching world to the next level & empowering the corporate world & the individuals to reach from where they are to the highest levels & potential + 9.
Pauline is the first Accredited Master Coach in the MEA region,
Founder of Swift Shift, the transformational Coaching, Capacity building & Consultancy concept as well as the MD for the First Coach Training Institution in the world for the Levant - Noble Manhattan Coaching as well as RD for The Alpha Group.
She is a Senior Executive with over 27 years of experience in local and multinational companies at strategic levels such as Senior Head of HR and General Manager.
An accredited Master Coach, leader, consultant, HR and transformational trainer. Mentor Coach & Trainer with the Noble Manhattan Coaching
Has successfully trained, coached & mentored business owners & individuals to help swiftly shift to their highest levels and achieve their ultimate goals and more.

Pauline is a member of the Lebanese League for woman in Business, A mentor at the Blessings Foundation for Women empowerment, Mentor at the Challenge to Change, Mentor Coach & trainer for Noble Manhattan Coaching LTD, ICF member & IAPC&M Master Coach, Member of the Women Leaders Council.

Pauline's Motto is : It is what it is and it is up to you to make the best of what is 🙂

Ray Seagrave

Life & Business Coach

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Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Hi, I'm Ray,
It's really nice to meet you and great that you are here looking for a change. Now you've taken the first step, the good news is your change has already started! Those that know me will tell you I am an unshakable optimist, passionate and dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.

​I help the person inside you go from uncertainty or disappointment in life to unlock the power within to go on to achieve some brilliant things! My home is where my heart is. Born in Nottingham, a warm and friendly part of the UK in the East Midlands, my family, and my roots helped develop my passion for others.

​For as long as I can remember I have been curious about people, their growth, development, and success. Helping them move onto more fulfilling lives with more enthusiasm, greater self-confidence, and power for achieving personal goals. It has turned into a joy and a life's passion for me. There is nothing more rewarding for a caring person to see others who once struggled, blossom into being the best they can be.

I have always believed no matter what obstacles you face in life, if you change your thoughts you can change your world. What I have come to learn about life that's helped me is that there is no failure only feedback. The world feeds back to us lessons we learn, outcomes we experience along the journey path we choose to take.

I discovered a long time ago, it's never too late to make changes that help us succeed, and bring us joy!

Nikul Shah

High Performance Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I help Professionals achieve work-life balance and gain their health back while eliminating stress without therapists, medication or short-term productivity hacks.

Join my group for Professionals:

Anita Sharma

Personal Growth & Wellbeing Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I am a Personal Growth and Wellbeing Coach for women and children. I am an Accredited Practitioner Coach and the founder of Anita Sharma Coaching. My passion is to support women and children create positive change and help them navigate life through the challenges that they may be facing.

Some of the areas that I cover in my youth coaching include:

Handling academic pressure in a positive way;
Managing anxiety and other uncomfortable feelings;
Dealing with peer pressure;
Enjoying improved relationships with family and friends;
Developing a positive body image and self-acceptance;
Nurturing good mental health and well-being;
Learning organisational and revision techniques;
Building self-esteem and confidence.

The areas that I cover in my coaching with women include:

Finding clarity and direction around career or personal goals;
Developing self-confidence and self-esteem;
Recognising your successes, talents and opportunities;
Overcoming your fears;
Balancing work with the rest of your life;
Tackling self-destructive behaviour and negative beliefs;
Nurturing good mental health and well-being;
Rediscovering your own identity and goals for life;
Building fulfilling relationships with your partner, children, family and work colleagues;

If you would like support for yourself or your child or require more information please get in touch and book a complimentary 30 minute conversation.

Jo Shrimpton

Life & Business Success Coach & Mentor

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me


If you’re reading this and thinking about working with a coach, you’ll want to find one you really connect with. Someone wholly focused on you who listens deeply & has the background, expertise & real interest in supporting, coaching and mentoring you through what’s drawn you here today & attaining what you are looking for.

So, as an introduction, my name is Jo; I’m that caliber of coach. I’m 49 and an Accredited, Experienced Life/ Business Coach & Mentor.

My passion lies in helping my clients truly transform & move forward in their lives & businesses; in valuing themselves fully and realising their best or their company’s best potential. The way I work with people enables them to break through any limiting beliefs or actions that are holding them back & also …to realise their goals. I empower and facilitate them in creating, achieving and realising both happiness and success in their personal and professional lives.

If you’re wondering how I do this, it’s an integrative approach blending proven coaching, mentoring, business success, hypnotherapy, NLP & counselling techniques with a high level of conscious awareness. We are all individuals needing different support so my work is fully bespoke to ensure your success.

Click on 'view details for website/Tel. You can view 5* testimonials on google 'jo shrimpton life and business coaching' I'm also on Instagram: @joshrimpton

I look forward to meeting you

Abhiyana Michelle Singer

The Self-Leadership Coach

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Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me


I integrate different coaching and therapy approaches that help you to realise your highest potential. Work with me to:
- Access your inner self-leadership resources – e.g. clarity, calmness, confidence, creativity;
- Navigate more effectively through challenge, choice and change.

My approach to coaching has been shaped by 20-year career in international business consultancy and, at the same time, a long path towards mindfulness and self-realisation. As well as being an accredited Life & Executive Coach, I am a Level 3 Certified Practitioner of Internal Family Systems (IFS) psychotherapy and certified in Zen Coaching.

My breadth of experience means that I can work flexibly around your needs. I bring alternative perspectives and approaches that cast new light on challenging issues – but I also ensure that the coaching relationship is grounded in practical considerations, goals and action plans.

I work with a range of clients worldwide – including senior managers, small business creators, mindfulness explorers, and anyone struggling with difficult experiences. Areas of focus are:

- Finding more balance and integration in life/work
- Anxiety, overwhelm and burnout
- Languishing and 'stuckness'
- Navigating life transitions
- (Conscious) leadership and career progress
- Mindfulness and self-actualisation

Kathrine Smith

Life Coach, Mentor, Mindfulness Teacher, Company Director

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

Kathrine Smith is a Practitioner of Life Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Mindfulness. She is a trained .b teacher with the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MISP), qualified to teach Mindfulness to 11-18 year olds in secondary schools. She is a member of The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and an Accredited Master Coach (AMC) with IAPC&M. Kathrine also has a diploma in Autism Awareness and Cognitive Reprogramming.
Kathrine's company, SimplyPositive, works with organisations, adults and teenagers coaching them on a one to one or group basis, to lead a more confident, successful and happy life. She delivers workshops and talks to various organisations regarding effective communication, coping with anxiety, and life coaching and the benefits it brings to the well being and success of teams and individuals. Having spent seven months working in CAMHs (Children's Adolescent Mental Health) at The Royal Berkshire Hospital, Kathrine uses this knowledge to ensure young people move forward with their own specific strategies to enable them to remove obstacles, be more successful and lead a happier life.
Kathrine is also crew leader for Curly Martin from Achievement Specialists and assists in coaching and training Life Coaching Diploma students.
Kathrine is also an Enterprise Adviser for The Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership and provides career coaching for secondary students and school senior leadership teams.

Chathura K Sooriya-Arachchi

Creativity Evangelist - Lead Trainer & Coach | Academic

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  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

A strong believer that individuals can be trained to be creative by engaging in training & coaching in the disciplines of Creativity, Design Thinking, Personality building & Communication.
Currently reading for my PhD in Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London, I bring with me a decade of experience from the academia and IT industry, where I have been serving as a Senior Lecturer for Software Engineering, freelance Trainer/Coach for professional development and building soft-skills, and also as a Software Engineer for ERP applications, prior to pursuing my doctoral studies.
I pursued my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Colombo School of Computing Sri Lanka, a Certified City&Guilds Trainer, an Accredited Practitioner Coach (APC) with International Authority for Professional Coaching&Mentoring (IAPC&M), a Certified Scrum Master for Agile Scrum Training and also a Distinguished Toastmaster with Toastmasters International.
Over the years I have been engaging in training, knowledge sharing, and communication coaching and am passionate about adding creative value in all work I engage in, and working with committed individuals to become professional communicators and leaders, creating their own creative brand and pursue their aspirations.
My research interests are related to Work-Based-Learning, EduTech and Design Thinking.

Deepal Sooriyaarachchi

Management Development Consultant

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
  • Accredited Master Mentor
About Me

My coaching and mentoring practice is built on the following principles.
1. Every individual has immense potential and my duty is to help that person discover that potential and the path to realization of same. There is a bigger reason why I got the opportunity to coach or mentor this person, so I give my best .
2. My Task is to help the person discover the brilliance within him/her little by little ,Moment to Moment
3. Build my practice on the four cornerstones of Metta (Loving kindness/ friendliness) Karuna (Compassion) Muditha ( Unselfish Joy) and Upekkha ( Eqanimimity)
4. Be mindful -apply mindfulness through out.

As a result my clients will have transforming experiences that impact their lives. As one of my clients said " there is a dearth of executive coaches and mentors whom people can look up to (respect) and trust. What one would build with Deepal is not a one-off mentor-mentee relationship but a life-long bond.

Chris southam

Executive Coach and Mentor

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I chose to leave my main board position with an international retailer to pursue a career in the field of personal development. With first-hand experience of running a large, commercial organisation with a turnover in excess of £1 billion, I am well placed to coach top talent in all aspects of career and personal development.
I've held senior positions in Creative Marketing and HR. My focus is on creative solutioning and branding, specialising in helping people identify and achieve the next stage in their career. I combine a wide range of creative tools and techniques with my Board experience and commercial knowledge, to support individuals and teams in delivering their goals.
I love this work and all the wonderful clients that I meet and I tend to build long lasting but self sufficient relationships with them over time.

Liz Sparkes

Spiritual Coach & Health Psychologist

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  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

I have been working with individuals and groups for 14 years. Initially providing support as a health psychologist within the NHS to enable positive changes to health, mindset, support for long term illness and pain. I completed my PhD in Pain Psychology and became passionate about enabling change to anything that creates disharmony in the mind and body.
I began a committed meditation practice and this created a huge shift in my life. I trained to teach mindfulness and compassion, and later wrote and directed an MSc Mindfulness and Compassion at a University. I regularly write about aspects of meditation and self development for magazines and academic publications.
I started to also coach spiritually and intuitively about 4 years ago and have taken a level 7 diploma in Spiritual Coaching. I combine meditation, compassion, energy psychology, health psychology and traditional coaching methods to support changes and shifts for individuals looking for personal development, those experiencing limiting situations and health challenges and individuals seeking a deeper spiritual connection.