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Psychology Business Center

Antigravity : Managing Gravitational Forces to Raise Your Consciousness State and Reaching Your Highest Potential
Accredited Short Training Course - Equivalent Level 3

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shadi obeidat

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Khalda ,Amman
67 Building, Amer Ben Malek Street
Amman, JORDAN 11947/209
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Programme / Course Description

1. People potentiality and consciousness can be achieved when they maintain a distance between themselves and life triggers ,but it’s so difficult because life attract people same as earth attract objects by gravitational forces no way to escape!
2. Mass and distance are key factors determine the gravity power ,when mass increase a gravity increase and when distance become close a gravity also increase.
3. When people develop habits they attach themselves to triggers around them within their environment (driven by survival and grow mode) to form a layer of attachment or identification.
4. These habits or layers of attachment affect the mass factor to be increased which cause acceleration by gravitational forces and losing true self and potentiality.
5. When people expose too much to life triggers they will accelerate by gravitational forces losing their self-consciousness as well ; this is the affect the distance factor
6. To minimize gravitational forces , to reach our consciousness and achieve our potential and psychological not melt with life exactly like small object melt with earth ; we should consider a gravitational law as methodology of change.

Learning / Delivery Methods Used
  • Classroom
  • Blended
Outcome and Qualifications

This training course is designed to help a trainee in putting an action plan to attain a higher consciousness, understanding her/his real potential and achieve what she/he is looking for based on psychological elements.

In personal and business life , most of the time we are performing below our potential level due to self-adaptation and developing a habits that control our wellness and our behaviors so we cannot live our life full of vitality and innovation .

Out come of this training course is maximize a potential power of people and get rid of diminishing habits that rule their personal and business lives.

Expected Completion Time

Two weeks

Countries Covered
  • EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
Total Programme / Course Duration (In Hours)


  • English

Additional Information

This training manual will be implemented through two parts:

Part 1 : understanding a psychological theory of change and identifying ways of implementation in personal life to raise individual consciousness. Which contains two modules 1) Gravitational effect 2) Antigravity action

Part 2 : Business implementation by extrapolate psychological ways of change that mentioned in part one and let the trainee implement this theory in his company through interactive workshop and contains one module called antigravity in business