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CRISIS Schema© Workshop
Accredited Intermediate Training Course - Equivalent Level 5

Contact Name

Sean McCallum CTIRt CSc LSRf

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65 - 67 Church Street
Sutton In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire NG19 6BY
United Kingdom
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Programme / Course Description

The CRISIS Schema Workshop educates & empowers coaches with the knowledge and skills required to provide effective support for individuals following stressful & traumatic experiences, using the ‘CRISIS Schema’ – a revolutionary development within the field of psychological first aid.

Key areas of development within this workshop are;

- Understanding critical incident stress and trauma
- Application of the CRISIS Schema
- Communicating with individuals in crisis
- Understanding and evaluating peritraumatic reactions
- Interventions for individuals in crisis
- Stabilising individuals in crisis
- Providing information to support recovery
- Providing ongoing support for individuals and options for self-support
- Ethics and safeguarding.

Learning / Delivery Methods Used
  • Classroom
  • Online
Outcome and Qualifications

Delegates will learn and be able to practically apply a unique skill set, and by the end of the CrISIS Schema workshop, delegates will be able to;

- Establish and maintain communion with distressed people
- Evaluate peritraumatic reactions
- Support integrative learning and the reduction of emotional charge
- Support physical and psychological stabilisation
- Provide information to effectively support recovery
- Facilitate ongoing support

Successful delegates will achieve a level 4 qualification accredited by the IAPC&M and become a certified CrISIS Facilitator (CSf).

Expected Completion Time

2 days

Countries Covered
  • International
Total Programme / Course Duration (In Hours)


  • English

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Additional Information

Critical Incident Stress Integration & Support (CRISIS) is a psychosocial system for helping people when they have experienced an overwhelming incident/event or situation. CrISIS provides an immediate and effective response to stress and trauma, helping to prevent a decline into poor mental health and supporting resilience.

The psychosocial nature of the CRISIS system means that ordinary people can be trained as Facilitators, in order to help their clients, people in their organisations, or social groups. In short, CRISIS Facilitator's provide a supportive and humane response to the emotional and psychological needs of a fellow human beings when something bad has happened to them.

Who delivers CRISIS?

CRISIS Facilitators are not clinically trained therapists or counsellors. Rather, they can be caring professionals, Peers and volunteers who have demonstrated trustworthiness, discretion and non-judgmental values, and are suitably placed to support colleagues and dependents in difficult times.

When can CRISIS be used?

CRISIS can be used by trained Facilitators upon first contact with someone in distress.

Is CRISIS a form of therapy?

No, CRISIS interventions are a form of psychosocial support and therefore considered to be non-clinical. The CrISIS Schema is simply an evidence-informed system for facilitating supportive and powerful conversations, to enhance natural recovery processes following a bad experiences.