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Henry Eastman
Life Coach

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Henry Eastman



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About Me

I am a passionate life coach accredited by the IAPC&M. I specialise in helping people that overthink. Allowing them to find space in their busy minds and live more peacefully.

My entry into this profession was the result of my own experience with life coaching and the personal growth it provided me. My chronic overthinking was creating anxiety in all aspects of my life. I was my own worst enemy and my fear-based perspective would habitually destroy my hopes and dreams before they ever got started. Ultimately, I was living in a very limited world. Working with a life coach helped me identify and target my triggers of overthinking and develop strategies for managing them. Seeing a life coach allowed me to start living from a more spacious place of freedom and peace.

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We live in a very heady society. With disconnection through technology and the countless decisions we have to make every day, it's hard not to fall victim to overthinking.

Worry and uncertainty are the fuel of overthinking. The torrent of thoughts can range from over analysis, obsessive, fear based, perfectionistic, rumination, excessively negative, catastrophic and fixated on control. All of which create unproductive mental exhaustion. They can also promote further conditions such as depression, social anxiety, health anxiety, panic disorder, OCD and PTSD.

Overthinking can also cause relationship issues and controlling behaviours. Conflict arises when jumping to incorrect conclusions based on assuming the worst and obsessing over the minutiae of people's actions and words.

Services I Provide
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  • Relationship Coaching
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Health & Wellness

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Additional Information

Working with Me

Our sessions will help you identify the underlying causes of your overthinking and develop coping strategies tailored to your needs. Allowing you to gain insight into your behaviour and learn how to better manage your thoughts, emotions and reactions. Overthinking can greatly reduce one's quality of life. Through self-awareness and personal growth, one can start to enjoy a more fulfilling and peaceful life. I work in person or via Zoom and offer a free 15 minute discovery session.


I believe that everyone has the right to professional help, regardless of economic background. Too often I have been saddened by stories of people's mental health suffering, due to the paywall being too high to receive support. That's why I offer low-cost coaching at £30 per per 50 minute session. Drop me a message to arrange a free 15 minute discovery session, to ask any questions and establish if I am the right fit.