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Jenni Chadwick
Alignment Coach

  • Accredited Practitioner Coach


Soul Destination Coaching




United Kingdom

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About Me

I have over 20 years of experience in the Primary Education sector, where I worked my way to Deputy Headteacher. I had followed a path, an expected trajectory and found it did not bring me the satisfaction or sense of achievement I thought it would. I have always found joy in helping people which is why I pursued a teaching career, became a special needs coordinator to champion these children and a school leader so I could have a wider, whole school impact. Through these roles I have developed many skills, a lot of which I incorporate into my coaching style.

Periods of ill health, burnout, stress, and finally the pandemic (whilst leading a school) all led me to reassess, reconnect with my soul and make a decision that has changed my life. I am now a huge advocate for making life changes to improve out lives, to live in alignment with our true self and not drift along in a life-pattern that we’ve created for ourselves and feel trapped in.

By changing limiting self-beliefs, working with my inner critic and changing the script and aligning with my values I am now on the biggest adventure of my life so far and I am loving it. The biggest lesson I have learnt through this whole process is that if you want something you can get it. If you feel you’re not living the life you want you can make changes. You have the power to transform. It really is possible and I would love to help you on that path.

Languages I Speak
  • English

Qualifications & Experience


BSc Psychology
PGCE - Primary Education
NASENCO (SENCO Qualification)


Master Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Psychology Diploma (Level 7)

I have worked with clients with a range of challenges varying from: navigating a relationship breakdown, redundancy and a identify crisis, imbalance in their work-life, starting a new business and needing clarity, lifestyle changes, business clarity, and much more. A common thread I find with most, if not all, my clients is that fear is playing a massive part in their story and situation. By discovering what this fear is about, where it originates from and the behaviours and thoughts they have that are there to protect them and keep them safe, we can then start to re-write the script and start creating the changes and the life they want to live. I have experienced all of this myself and the transformation is so powerful.

Services I Provide
  • Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Personal Growth/Development
  • Work-Life Balance

I Work With
  • Individuals

How I work
  • Skype

Countries Covered
  • International

Pro-Bono coaching / mentoring (depending upon circumstances)


Additional Information

As part of my sessions I am able to offer a wide range of techniques and additional services which include:

- Oracle and Angel Card readings
- Meditations
- Methods used in sessions include: Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT (Tapping), Strengths and Values work, Core beliefs and Inner Critic, S.E.T.T.©️ and The Four Pillars, Sub-personality Work, and Inner Scripts.
- Journal prompts
- Affirmations
-Distance Reiki