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Emma Tyer

Life Coach and Well-being Mentor

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I am the well- being mentor at the King's School in Gloucester offering one to one personal coaching for pupils and staff and a trainer for SPWA,

I have spent the last 25 years helping groups and individuals to reconnect with what is important to them, inspiring them to move forward on their paths of self discovery, encouraging them to have confidence in who they are and courage to be who they want to be. I empower groups and individuals to live, think and work creatively and collaboratively for the 21st century. I am accredited with IAPC&M

I specialise in coaching those who are at transition points in their lives and are looking to improve their self esteem, confidence and motivation. I have a background in self-development and I also offer support for those ready to take their next steps following a bereavement.

I have particular expertise in coaching children, young people and parents through points of change and challenge.

This is a journey of discovery, of recognising your potential and acknowledging your strengths, realising you have all the answers you need to achieve your goals.

Coaching can:

Improve your self confidence and raise your self esteem
Relieve stress
Be motivated
Achieve your goals
Find the direction that is right for you
Give you clarity and focus
Recognise your inner strengths
Discover your core values and change your life.
To get to know me a little better please take a look at my website

Brian Wasmuth

Managing Partner

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Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Brian Wasmüth is a management and leadership and executive search consultant operating throughout South Africa as well as sub-Saharan Africa.

Brian is the founder of The Human Capital Group in South Africa.

Brian’s areas of specialist focus are:
• Executive coaching, career coaching and Life Coaching
• Executive search, specialist recruitment as well as general recruitment
• Strategy Facilitation and Leadership Alignment and Development
• Strategy and Team alignment
• Human Capital Management
• Business Transformation and Change management
• Outplacement and Career Transition

During his career, Brian has travelled extensively, including Europe, the UK, North America, Australasia, Africa and the Middle East.

Brian has worked in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia. Brian has also done work for a client in Jordan.

Brian holds graduate and postgraduate degrees in the social sciences, a postgraduate degree in business management as well as an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Stellenbosch.

Brian is also a member of APSO, COMENSA and The Institute of Directors and is a registered Master Practitioner [generalist] at the South African Board for Personnel Practitioners [SABPP]. Brian is also registered as an ICR business and executive coach on the International Coaching Register as well as with the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring.

Nikki Wild

Managing Director

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Accredited Status
  • Accredited Fellow Coach
  • Accredited Master Mentor
About Me

Nikki Wild (ACMA, CGMA, AFC, AMM) specialises in destressing directors and getting teams to play nicely together. She untangles owner-managed businesses who’ve tied themselves in knots and can’t see the wood for the trees.
Nikki founded Wild Empowerment Ltd in 2009 and works with professional service providers to better manage their businesses, their time and themselves.
Clients have great ideas but need clarity and focus. Nikki has a flair for helping people stay positive, get organised and have workable plans for measurable results.
As an accountant and former finance director of a £2bn property portfolio, Nikki understands the commercial impact of business decisions. As a professionally Accredited Fellow Coach and Master Mentor, she ensures that the cultural aspects of business growth are given high priority. As a result, clients have said: “It makes sense. It has helped me become a better business person and I am implementing the things I should have done a long time ago!”

Jackie Wilson

Executive Coach

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  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Hello! I’m a British Ex-Pat living in western Canada. I discovered coaching as the real solution for many people struggling in the workplace with unachieved goals and areas in which they were perpetually stuck or challenged. Coaching nicely fills the gap professional development courses can never fill.

Sarah Wren

Senior Coach and Organisational Developer

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  • Accredited Senior Coach
About Me

I am a Professional Life Coach and Organisational Developer. I am passionate about people and organisations thriving and finding their authentic and unique strengths, purpose, direction and alignments.

As a Founding Director of a successful company for 10+ years I understand how to:
- effectively develop an organisation by unlocking the strengths of the individuals and teams involved
- cast vision
- facilitate staff cohesion, enthusiasm and workflow
- enable staff retention through a healthy and inspiring work culture
Which builds a successful business and thriving individuals!

As a Christian minister, keynote speaker, teacher, a trainer for over 20 years, I know the value of evaluating the whole person and the struggles that can impact our lives. I strive to enable people to understand who they are, and empower them to rise to their full potential and destiny. Enabling them to thrive in all areas of life and work.

As a leader in both fields I understand the unique pressures and joys of leadership, and love to work alongside Director Level leaders to strengthen and encourage their vision, values, direction, teams, and at times their hearts for the course ahead!

I bring a highly tailored, future focussed, professional and intuitive approach to my work. It has been my joy to be doing for the last 5 years since the successful sale of my prior company.
I am married, a mother,step mum to teenagers and the proud owner of a 50 kilo German Shepherd!

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