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William Ferguson

Business/Life Coach & Mentor

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I am a fully accredited Life Coach with the International Authority Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M). I coach or mentor people and organisations within their business or personal life. I am also an entrepeneur with a deep understanding of how business works, having operated various small businesses over the last 25 years.
Obstacles and challenges can present themselves at various stages of life and it is vital to learn how to understand and overcome them. Don't be frustrated or despondent by a sense of not being able to move forward in your life.
You will learn tools to totally transform your life, giving you the foundation to achieve everything you want.
We have one life; this isn't a dress rehearsal. Grab the moment and reach out for your dreams.

Lee Fernandes

Mental Health and Addiction/Recovery Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I understand how difficult life can be and how mental health and addiction challenges can completely destroy the dreams and goals that you had. I get it! Having said that I have always believed in hope and action with a side dash of help from others, with these all things are possible. Life can change for the best or the worst in an instance, however it's up to us to decide how we are going to deal with the challenges that life throws at us.

I have been working in the field of mental health and addiction for 13 years and I have my own personal experience of this. I have a number of services that I offer and all of them bring myself, expertise, passion, enthusiasm and experience with them. I believe in compassion, confidentiality, trust and connection. I feel extremely honoured for the work that I do. I am passionate about helping others shift and move to where they want to be, it might not be easy but it’s possible! I know that no matter how hard it gets there is always a way out, but first we must reach out and act differently. I have had great results with people all over the world and I know together we can make a positive impact on your life. The world that you have dreamed of is waiting, all you have to do is act!

Stef Ferrucci

Youth & Young Migrants Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Senior Coach
About Me

I’m a Transformational Youth & Young Migrants Coach, Narrative Therapist and NLP Practitioner based in the UK. I coach in different languages, i.e. in: English, Italian, German, and French.

My mission is to help YOUNG PEOPLE gain a healthy and empowered mindset and YOUNG MIGRANTS find HOME in themselves and shine in their new communities.

The coaching process entails unleashing my clients’ potential, facilitating their development, activating their inner resourcefulness, and encouraging them to take responsibility and take easy, determined, and focused steps towards an empowered, balanced, and more fulfilled life.

I equip my coachees with the tools, knowledge, and motivation to take charge of their life and actualise their goals through a variety of coaching approaches, i.e. from solution-focused coaching and positive psychology to Narrative Therapy.

Why do I know that my methods will help you? Because I was there myself and got to the other side successfully. I learned how to re-invent myself in different countries, overcome societal, linguistic, and cultural challenges, and have therefore decided to help young people transition from a scarcity mindset to inner peace and emotional mastery, too.

My background in linguistics and international relations and my upbringing in 4 countries also allowed me to enhance my intercultural skills and coach in several languages.

In my spare time, I love being creative; I photograph and spend as much time as possible in nature 🌿

Bee Flanagan

Life Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

Bee Flanagan is an Accredited Master Coach focusing on Life, Business, Career & Teen Coaching and has many years of Management experience dealing with the motivational and development of people on an individual and group level.
As a Coach Bee empowers her clients to reach their greatest potential within their personal and professional lives. The results are truly amazing and clients report feeling re-energised and focused on their personal and professional goals.
Bee's coaching career began in 2008 when she completed her Diploma with Mindstream Life Coaching Training so has almost 10 years experience in the Coaching industry.
Bee is a qualified Trainer and Facilitator and is passionate about passing on her knowledge to others. She is Senior Facilitator with Mindstream Life Coaching Training and delivers their Certificate and Diploma courses to students who want to become coaches.
The core principals Bee focuses on is a positive mindset by using thought strategies that support clients to achieve their goals both personally and professionally.
Bee is also a Professional Speaker and delivers talks in several areas including motivation, self confidence, positive thought process, breaking fear barriers and managing anxiety.
Bee also delivers her PALS Programme Talk For Parents "Understanding The Power Of Positive Communication With Teenagers & Young Adults" to schools around the country.

Catalina D. Flore

Thinking partner to Leaders of Leaders - Help you be fit for the top, and flourish because everybody deserves an agile, healthy and inspiring boss

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Fellow Coach
About Me

I am an explorer, a student, an educator, connecting and bridging apparently unrelated things, puzzling, confusing and enchanting people. The purpose of my life is to grow into a liberated and integrated woman who brings luck and helps others transform so that more people can live a flourishing life.

My passion to help people flourish has led me in 2008 to transform my career as an executive in banking to pursue my deep calling and build my coaching and training business, one of the most rewarding decisions of my life. Coaching is one of the best learning tools for people, helping them live authentically and flourish.

I feel awe and joy when our coaching partnership helps clients reclaim their power, tap into their potential, reconnect with their strengths, changing unproductive behaviors, envision new directions and close the gap to where they want to be.

I am grateful for my appreciation of beauty and excellence, growth, optimum health, concentrated impact and trust that we always find a way forward. Trusting that we are able to lead ourselves and others on the way to success and fulfilment while contributing to our civil society.

Imperfectly aiming to be the best mother I can be to my 3 children and wife to my husband. Daily, our wonderful 11 year young, flat-coated retriever, Grace, perseveres in showing me what loyalty, love and humbleness are.
Meditation is my daily vitamine.

Le’s have less stress, more flow and impact.

Julien Fortuit

Coach & Mentor

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
  • Accredited Master Mentor
About Me

I’ve worked all over the UK, Europe, North & Latin America, Japan, and most of Asia. A worldview causes you to diversify your portfolio, renew your perspectives, and witness the truth that’s hard to see when bogged down in the murk of corporate dramas and personal lethargy — The world is constantly changing. With or without you.
And no amount of mediocrity we stack against it with our short-term strategies, bureaucratic hurdles, or empty marketing campaigns can stop it.

We have to elevate our business imagination as a way of adapting to a world that is asking us to evolve with it…

In turn, this is how we elevate ourselves.
My work as a developer of organisations, and careers involves taking stock of what is, so my clients can reach for what could be. All the while pointing to the opportunities right in front of them, so they have no choice…
But to Leap!

“My job is to awaken possibility in other people.” - BENJAMIN ZANDER

Nasos Fotopoulos

Life, Career, Business & Executive Coach, NLP Master Certified Coach, Corporate Trainer, Public Speaker

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

Life, Career, Business, Leadership & Executive Coach.
Accredited Master Coach (AMC) by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M), Accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF), NLP Master Certified Practitioner by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP).
Certified Adult Trainer with over 25,000 hours of training, European Business Mentor & European Business Consultant.
From 1986 until today I have been mentoring, coaching and organizing thousands of training programs for executives, business personnel and organizations and I have motivated and inspired many people to change their lives.
Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF Global) since March 2015 and the ICF Greece Chapter since June 2015, General Secretary of ICF Greece Chapter the year 2017, Vice President the year 2018 and President the year 2019.
My passion is to urge and inspire people so as they discover and achieve their goals, be happy and content while they manage exactly what they yearn and dream of.
Working with me, you will discover something very important for you that you really want to succeed in. Commit yourself to the discipline towards your success, choose your strategy, create your action plan, take the first step, have the flexibility to realize and change the approach that no longer serves you or no longer works, achieve what you truly desire and dream and in the end, celebrate your success.

Dr Ashley Gavin Frank

Executive Coach & Consultant

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I am a respected executive coach (with a focus on the C-Suite of major corporations), an experienced provider of management education (a former business school professor) and a much in demand external facilitator (with an interest in multi-stakeholder partnerships and executive-board relations).

Louie Gardiner

Executive Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

Coaching - A different kind of conversation
Sometimes friends and family are too close to have the kind of conversations you might need to help you make a change. Our 1-1 confidential sessions will give you a fantastic opportunity to explore possibilities and to dare to think beyond your current limits. You will discover more about yourself, what affects you and what you really want. If you are truly ready to make lasting changes, then I would love to support and accompany you.

A unique approach - the P6 Constellation equipping you for life
I have a deep passion for resourcing life-changing capacities in others. This has grown through my own personal experiences, professional practice and academic research. Over some 30+ years I developed a unique, highly effective way of coaching others - using a framework called the P6 Constellation. I use this with coaching clients and I train and supervise other professional coaches to use it on themselves and with their own clients. In working with me, you will begin to grasp the basics and will find yourself developing greater and greater capacity to navigate more easily through life.

Mikki Gaskell

Life Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Hi, my name is Mikki and I am a Buckinghamshire based Life Coach. At the heart of my work is a belief in an individual’s unlimited potential.
​Life coaching can be a catalyst of positive change on every aspect of your life. As your life coach I will help you recognize your strengths and talents and give you practical tools to help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to go. I can help you identify the fears and doubts that may be holding you back and work with you to overcome them, build your confidence and tap into the answers that are already within you.

Understand the values that are important to you, which lie at the heart of your motivation and help you find your purpose and direction in life.

Learn ways to change limited beliefs so that you can live your best life. Through life coaching I help you identify your own answers to the challenges in your life.

Receive step by step support to help motivate you to reach your goals. Live life to the fullest, with a better understanding of what drives you and a greater belief in yourself.

Gail Gibson

Master Coach for Women Leaders in Tech

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

Accredited master coach, mentor, author, speaker, and podcast host, Gail Gibson, harnesses growth mindsets to help female leaders in tech flourish.

Her simple, yet effective Can Do Approach, has led to life-changing personal growth and sustained success for female leaders in the UK, UAE, US, Australia, and SE Asia.

Gail's ability to put female leaders at ease to make a lasting connection and to quickly zero in on what is holding them back inspires confidence and empowers them to feel they “can” whilst helping them understand what is realistic to achieve.

Her clients become conscious, confident, and competent leaders in tech.

Author of Making Connections: How to Network Effectively to Build Better Business Relationships and co-author of two books, The Rise of SEE-19™ Leadership: See Beyond and Become the Leader You Are Born to Be and The Working Women’s Guide to Menopause: When the Heat is On. Don’t Sweat It!

An inspirational speaker on Authentic Leadership and The Can Do Approach

Host of the ‘Can Do’ Way and co-host of Mind Over Menopause podcasts.

A self-confessed book addict and voracious reader, green tea drinker, and haiku poet, who loves to keep fit in the great outdoors – her ‘green’ gym.

Adventure-seekers, Gail and her husband blend their working lifestyle between the UK and Malaysia.

Becca Gillen

Health Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

Hi, I'm Becca! I'm a Health and Behaviour change coach that works remotely from around the globe. I gave up my career in Intensive Care Nursing as I found that ironically, working in 'Health' I was the unhealthiest I had ever been. A stressful environment combined with shift work, weekends, and night shifts meant that physically and mentally this job was not aligning with my top

I quit my nursing job (although I'm still registered and keep up with my CPD education) to focus on my passion - Health. I qualified in Personal Training and became a certified nutritionist. I started to build up a client base in the local health club and found that most client struggles were actually in the behavioural and cognitive side. This led me to study and qualifed as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Practitioner and I developed my own coaching approach combining CBT, Personal Training, my Nursing skills, and my knowledge as a Nutritionist.

Following this, I qualified as a Life Coach and also work with individuals who are keen to focus on personal development and self-improvement. Alongside this, I run a Diploma in Health Coaching for coaches who want to upskill and learn my 'method'. I now work remotely, and conduct all of my 1-1 sessions online. I have truly found a very tailored and unique approach to Coaching - specifically focusing on health & behaviour change and it is truly my life passion.

Jeremy Glyn

Coach. Mentor, Trainer and Author

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Fellow Coach
About Me

I have 35 years experience of working to unleash the potential of individuals and organisations.
I am accredited by the IAPC&M as a Fellow Coach and Trainer
I have created and run workshops on practical applications of cognitive psychology and recently integrated concepts from my workshops into my coaching approach to create what I call Mindset Priming.
To explain the unique benefits that Mindset Priming gives to clients I often draw the comparison between the way we humans pursue our goals and what happens when we choose to go for a journey in a car; To make a car journey we choose our destination, get in the car, turn on the ignition (which gets the engine running), set the sat-nav, release the handbrake and let the car take us, by the most appropriate route, effortlessly to our destination. By comparison, I have yet to meet a client who is goal setting for their ideal destination (their subconscious aspiration is always higher than they choose to aim for), very few of us understand how to "set our mental sat-nav", and most of us are going through life with our mental handbrake at least partially on.
Working with Mindset Priming I am able to put clients in touch with their ideal aspirations, get rid of any habits, attitudes, fears, beliefs and expectations that have been holding them back from greater happiness and success, and ensure they understand how to set their mental sat-nav - thereby becoming 100% committed to achieving their sustainable objectives comfortably.

Claz Gomez

Life, Career & Wellbeing Coach | Change Specialist

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I’m an accredited Life & Career Coach, a licensed Change Management Practitioner and a qualified healthy eating therapist. My mission is to bring a touch of clarity to people’s lives through professional coaching, change management and/or holistic wellbeing therapy.

Through my sessions you will develop sustainable, positive, and healthy habits, increase your self-confidence and self-esteem and rekindle your inner spark. You will build an awareness of your strengths and blind spots that will help you better navigate situations and relationships and provide solutions to your issues. By gaining a greater capacity to deal with stress, you will find that you focus more acutely and channel your energies where they need to be spent. I can also assess your diet and exercise to help you optimise your daily wellbeing routine.

I help individuals to diagnose their current situations, set goals, analyse options, commit to change, and see them through that change. I make sure that FUN is an ever-present element and that my sessions are engaging and something you look forward to.

You will be guided to harness your potential and through self-awareness and the art of questioning, so become solution-oriented.

I'm so passionate about seeing lives fulfilled, potentials reached, transformation accomplished and life purpose given meaning and expression and offer one-to-one coaching as well as group coaching to aid this.

I'd love to hear from you!

Miles Grant

Life Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

Speaker, accredited Life Coach and co-founder of Certified Elite Performance Coaching (CEPC), for more than a decade, I have helped thousands of successful entrepreneurs get out of their way by removing the blocks that have prevented them from getting what they truly want and deserve.

Dubbed by a client to be as inspirational as Tony Robbins, my clients range from CEO’s of Multinationals to Hollywood Actors and stars of The X-Factor. My videos online have been watched by over 1/4 million people.

With a background in NLP, sales training and business coaching, I have enabled thousands of individuals to develop their businesses by understanding their needs and values, while empowering them and enabling them to grow in confidence.

With the encouragement of my mentor, CEPC was created in 2021 as I am dedicated to train other coaches, through my MasterCoach Life Coach training. It is designed for new coaches who wish to fulfill their potential as a Life Coach with an easy, pre-built and step-by-step system. It is also for existing coaches looking for more structure, practical training and the ability to enroll their clients into a coaching program instead of individual sessions. Over 200 (new and existing) coaches have successfully completed my live 3-day training, and are now able to deliver great coaching programs that get clients the transformation they are seeking.

Helen Gray

Life Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Hello! I am an international life coach living in Hampshire, England. I use goal-orientated coaching to help professionals thrive not survive! The demands of living today can be stressful and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be…make your happiness and health a priority!

I help you to understand yourself on a deeper level, giving you the platform to develop and improve all areas of your life.

Learn to
-become the person you want be
-gain confidence
-become happy and healthier
-create meaningful relationships
-become super organised and crush your goals
-keep motivated
-set boundaries
-have more energy

Eliminate your anxiety, stress, self doubt, insecurities, self sabotaging and mood swings!

-inner peace
-clarity in decisions
-control over your emotions
-discipline in health
-trust in relationships

Helen Gray Coaching incorporates mental, physical and emotional health into your current lifestyle. I can help you to:

-understand your habits and your behaviour
-know yourself on a deeper level
-improve the quality of your life
-become happier and healthier
-improve your confidence and self esteem
-identify and challenge what is holding you back

Let's begin! Contact me for a free initial initial consultation .

Hylton Gudmanz

Executive Coach, Business Resilience Specialist

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Senior Coach
About Me

I help business leaders stay relevant and sustain momentum.
I have the privilege of walking with executives and their teams as they explore tangible, long-term growth in their business(es).

My goal is to help you bridge gaps between knowing, doing and desired outcomes. As a passionate researcher, I am always on the hunt for knowledge that will unlock potential in my clients and help them remain on the cutting edge of their field.

I oversee the IDM School of Coaching, which is closely connected with Myles Downey, and combine Inner Game Theory with a results-orientated approach that turns intent into implementation and promotes choices that trigger creativity and intrinsic motivation.

Annmarie Harrison

Transformational Life Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

I'm Annmarie Harrison, Accredited Master intuitive life coach, NLP practitioner, and founder of crystal life coaching.
Sometimes people are put off contacting a life coach, because they don't feel as though their goals are big enough, , however coaching is for everyone, and as long as your goal means something to you, that's all that matters.

My coaching is heart-centred with a natural feminine element to it. I work primarily, but not exclusively, with mothers and women with ADHD in their 30s and above, who struggle with procrastination, overwhelm, and low self esteem.

I work 1-1 via zoom (WhatsApp video, messenger or FaceTime also available.)
6 or 12 week basis
WhatsApp accountability service included.

Other complimentary services (available upon request) are EFT, one card Tarot readings, and recommended crystals.
NB - these services are only provided with coaching.

Lisa Heacock

Personal Development, Transformational Life Coach & Grief Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Hi, I am Lisa. I am a Personal Development and Transformational Coach and the proud owner of Holistic Life Coaching with Lisa Marie. I am a passionate person who seeks to grow, change, and transform. I love helping my clients do the same.
You can read more about my story on my website “About me” page.
Have you ever asked yourself, “Is this all there is?” “Isn’t life supposed to be more beautiful than this?” I know I have.
Perhaps you feel stuck?
Stuck in a career you do not enjoy?
Stuck in an unhappy relationship?
Stuck in a negative mindset?
Do you struggle with your health?
Are you grieving and do not see any way forward?
Are you feeling held back by your limiting beliefs?
Life can be heart-breaking and beautiful. I get it! I have been there.
As a Life Coach, I provide guidance for rebuilding, transforming and taking action to create the life you dream of. It may sound impossible, but I can assure you, it is possible!
I work closely with my clients using different techniques to fit their individual needs in order to get the best out of them.
One size does NOT fit all.
As a Life Coach, I will help you view your life holistically.
You can eat all the kale in the world but if you have toxic relationships or a job you hate, no amount of kale is going to bring about true health and happiness.
Free 30-minute consultation

Sue Hedley

Life Coach for Professional women

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I coach professional women in midlife who want the next 15+ years of their working lives to feel very different. Women who would rather:

+Wake up looking forward to the day ahead.
+Enjoy a good work-life balance with time for what matters to them.
+Feel confident enough to take on new challenges.

The women I coach have one thing in common, they look at their life ahead and think "Yuck, this isn't how I want to live". There are all sorts of reasons why, but the result is the same: stress, anxiety, low energy, loss of confidence... the list goes on. When you combine the above with going through menopause, there's no doubt this is a difficult time in our lives. I know it's also a great time to take stock and make changes, to start living life your way.

I'll gift you a free coaching session so we can meet and explore. Email me at to book your session.

In my early 50s after 20 years in corporate IT roles, I was stressed, stuck, and breaking down. I got help. Now, because I know how it feels I specialise in coaching women in similar situations. Let me help you with my 6-step Midlife Momentum plan. Together we will rebuild your self-confidence and get you motivated. We'll review your life to find out what is and isn't working. We'll discover your strengths. We'll find out how and why you are holding yourself back.

Email me now to book your complimentary coaching call. Let's see if we could work together

Anne Marie Hennessy

Intergrated Cognitive Behavioural Life Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I am an Accredited and qualified Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Life Coach based in London.

I work part-time as an associate lecturer at Chichester University where I teach Creative Mind Body practices for the Movement for Acting module, on the Film for Acting course.

In London, I facilitate workshops in wellbeing and personal development. Some of my many clients include Central Saint Martin’s and the University of the Arts London.

As a Mind Body specialist I also teach yoga, meditation and Pilates part-time, as well as facilitating yoga-coaching retreats in the UK and Europe.

Unlocking one’s full potential and becoming the best version of yourself through the mind and body is my passion. It is a philosophy that I live by now. One that has allowed me to live with passion, integrity, adventure, wellbeing, enjoyment and growth.

Over time I have moved closer towards my full potential as a result and becoming empowered. I want to help others to live an empowered life aswell.

Helen Henry

Walk and Talk Life Coach, creator of the Outdoor Lifeline

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Hi, I'm Helen, mum of 2, a keen horse rider, reader and climber. I love spending my time outside, which is why the Outdoor Lifeline was created. I believe that being outside calms your mind, brings clarity to your thoughts and blows the cobwebs away, feeling more motivated at every step. Whenever I am having a bad day, it always feels better once I have been outside. Living through the recent lockdowns has made it clear that the outside improves out wellbeing, which is why it was one of the most important things we were encouraged to do...Get out!
Walk and talk coaching combines physical and psychological benefits; creating a positive experience for the mind, body and soul. It does not have to be in person either! During lockdown I spoke to clients on the phone, whilst we were out, walking separately.
There are times when clients just want to talk, this is absolutely fine and each session is tailored to how you are feeling and what you would like to do that day. The Outdoor Lifeline is encouraging how you can bring the outdoors into your life, not just in a session.
I am passionate about helping people and have been all my life, through coaching, tutoring and teaching. I want to show you the Outdoor Lifeline and how it can change your life.
Curious? Message me for a free 30 minute consultation.

Ragini Hildreth

Coaching Teachers to Flourish

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Hi everyone. I’m Ragini, a specialist in primary education. With over thirty years’ experience, my varied career has enabled me to teach children across the primary age range; lead curricula areas such as Science, Art, RE and PE; develop and deliver staff training; lead curricula development; coach and mentor newly qualified teachers and colleagues stepping into leadership roles. I have held positions as a Governor, an Assistant Headteacher as well as leading curricula and phase teams. I love working with experts in other disciples and have collaborated with artists, actors and writers to develop stimulating learning experiences for pupils and colleagues.

But trust me - it has not all been plain sailing!

There were times when I didn’t know if I could continue teaching and seasons when I felt like a hamster trapped in a wheel. So if you are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the future, please know that you’re not alone. Having juggled balancing my personal and professional life for over 30 years I understand the struggles.

That’s why I want to support the next generation of teachers to develop the strategies and systems that they need to thrive personally and professionally.

By integrating my expertise of teaching, leadership and mentoring, I have developed coaching programmes to empower teachers to flourish in every season of their career.

Maria Hocking

UK Life Changer

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Fellow Coach
About Me

I am a coach, motivational speaker and author and am passionate about changing lives with my heart and my words. My book, Strip Naked & Re-Dress With Happiness, How To Survive & Thrive Through Personal Challenge is evidence that I use my own life experiences to help others live the best possible life. Having been through some significant personal challenges within my own life, I and walking, talking proof that what I teach works! I firmly believe that adversity doesn't break you, it makes you. (But that's a choice).

I travel all over the UK, not only coaching, but speaking. I am a highly experienced speaker, able to captivated and educate audidences of all sizes. I also train other coaches to present powerfully, in order to effectively share their message, and promote their business.

Delivering personal development workshops and seminars also forms a large part of my work. I have delivered training for many organisations and also deliver my own Naked Power 2 day transformational events.

Within schools I have vast experience training and coaching teachers. I am also an experienced school speaker and deliver transformational work-shops for secondary school students.

I also have a talent for 'bringing the heart' back to business, and both coach and train within this field.

Though working primarily within the UK, I also work with a constant stream of clients globally via Skype.

Graham Hooper

Managing Director

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Fellow Coach
  • Accredited Fellow Mentor
About Me

I have a sense of fun, I love my kids Rachael aged 26 and Kurtis aged 23 they are my coachee's . I watch them play football and netball and they allow me to play golf with them.
I having a loving partner who suffers my passions and desires around my business. I am a passionate believer in personal choice but to often we dive in to our decisions without proper fore thought and this is where I come alive,, as my skill to help people see their way forward has proven results over many years.
I am looking forward to travelling once again and have several places to visit including Australia, Seattle and the Canadian Rockies, Berlin, Uganda and a few beachside locations to keep my spirits up.
Work is important to me and I am very lucky as I enjoy my roles as managing director, property investor, personal development coach and mentor and of course my passion for road safety.
I have a few hobbies including Chelsea Football Club (sorry) , golf societies, which are really an excuse to socialise and go on holiday. I swim for around 45 minutes usually 3 times a week and like a stroll along the promenade at the seaside as long as there is a cafe along the way.. I am an avid reader and it is not unusual for me to be reading 8 books at a time.
I hope that gives you a little insight into what makes me tick and pass my time with gratitude.