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Samuel Cornell

Positive Change Facilitator

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I label myself a ‘Positive Change Facilitator’.


Well, because I help people reach their peak emotional, mental, physical and spiritual potential.

What does that mean?

I will help YOU, become the best version of YOU.

You see…

I believe we are all born with an innate ability to overcome any challenge life presents us with. Unfortunately, along the journey of life, a lot of us lose our connection with that inbuilt potential. I will help you reconnect with the inborn courage, strength, resilience, and wisdom you were born with so you can overcome any challenge life throws at you - easily and effortlessly.

My real passion lies in helping people overcome alcohol and drug problems. Why? Well, I used to suffer with an alcohol and drug problem myself and I know how draining and painful it is when you're in that cycle. Using my vast personal experience, and professional expertise, I'll help you liberate yourself from alcohol and/or drugs so you can start thriving instead of just surviving.

I don't only help people with drink and drug issues though. If you have a fear of public speaking, I can help. If you have a spider phobia, I can help. If you suffer with depression that won't go away, I can help. If you suffer with anxiety or panic attacks, I can help. You name it, I can help you overcome it. My knowledge and skills are vast, and hypnotherapy is a unique and powerful tool that can help you overcome all sorts of issues.

Contact me today for a free consultation!

Dana Costea

Personal and Business Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I am a Life and Business Coach, focused on the balance between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas in personal life and at work.

Coaching individuals and organizations who aim to bring in the world their own unique gifts and talents, while maintaining the ecology of the bigger systems they are part of and that they serve.

I have the understanding of both the entrepreneurial as well as corporation environment.

My start in coaching was as an Internal Coaching Program Coordinator for a multinational online market research company, gaining solid knowledge of both people management and systems/ processes creation and management. I am bringing along global experience and understanding of multicultural aspects of a global business.

My coaching and training style is naturally gentle and has a results oriented approach to helping clients achieve their professional and organizational goals as well as a core values oriented approach to encouraging clients pursue their dreams and share their gifts in the world.

Eric Couturier

Founder & Director

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Fellow Coach
  • Accredited Fellow Mentor
About Me

I am a fully accredited, experienced and well-established Coach & Mentor based in the United Kingdom.

I help people reach goals, navigate life & manage change.

I have been leading, mentoring and coaching people for over 25 years. I am a motivated, enthusiastic Coach & Mentor with a successful track record of service and product delivery.

I achieved this through professional collaboration and high-level engagement with stakeholders.

I have developed many skills that work well in most contexts through my experience mentoring and tutoring people at different levels within different frameworks.

One of my mottos is “one does not fit all” we need to find the niche, the place one craves within and set appropriate strategies to achieve it.

As a result, I have helped many people develop the skills needed to reach their full potential - personally and/or professionally.

I was very fortunate to have had one of the best coaches in the business show me the “ropes” of empowering and energising individuals and groups to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

I love watching people develop and grow from the changes I have suggested they often make.

I assign success to determination, integrity, and focus with an appetite for positive outcomes no matter what comes along the way.

What does not kill you makes you stronger and equips you for the next phase of your life.

Claudia Crawley

Executive Coach, Career Coach & Mentor

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Senior Coach
About Me

I offer a specialist, though not exclusive service for women managers in social work and other related professions and for women of Black and Asian heritage.

To enable women social work managers to effectively address major challenges, increase their confidence, develop their leadership skills, gain tools & techniques to build their resilience and fulfill their roles. And I enable women of Black and Asian heritage to address undermining workplace challenges that threaten to derail them.

Managing the demands of social work is challenging and stressful. Ensuring that teams protect and support vulnerable children or adults can impact on energy levels. When things go wrong at work or personally, additional support can help managers get back on track. In many instances, individuals prefer a trusted external source of support. Black and Asian women may prefer a coach who understands and relates to their experiences.

As an Executive Coach, I help social work managers to rediscover their energy, motivation and drive and gain tools and techniques to deal with the stress and challenges of working in the context of increasing demands, ever increasing caseloads and constrained resources. They feel re-empowered as leaders, more engaged, fulfilled and productive.

I deliver one to one coaching, mainly but not exclusively to women managers generally in social work and related professions and specifically to Black and Asian women.

Andrei Cristian

Coach, Author, Management Consultant

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I’ve taken up coaching as a natural upgrade to my consultancy skills.
Engineer by formal education, I’ve always been drawn to philosophy and introspection, as a hobby and to people and the depths of the human psyche, as the horizon line beyond which I imagined a different world began.
Becoming a coach, after graduating magna cum laudae several coach-training programs with the Pragmatic Coaching School, I’ve started to discover the challenging beauty that grows day by day beyond that horizon: people who are willing and capable of transforming themselves and the lives around them into better, brighter versions.

My coaching approach is pragmatic & relaxed. Starting from your objectives, I secure an empathic space for your concerns, I support you as you journey through dark spots, challenge you towards the direction you’re setting & motivate you to keep your eyes on the road ahead, to take in what’s around every corner, to always enjoy it and to achieve the next step & then the step after. I encourage my clients to take action and I pay close attention to authentic feedback. My confidence in coaching, as a tool for personal growth, is synthesized by a saying by the stoic Roman emperor, Marc Aurelius: “The impediment to action advances action, what stands in the way becomes the way”.

As a person, I practice what I’m showing in coaching. I live a dynamic life, I’m into sports, I have an intriguing, safer by the day, attachment with adrenaline. I'm also a published author.

Barbara Cukjati

life coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Senior Coach
About Me

Barbara Cukjati


I have been working as an accredited coach since 2007 (IIC accreditation) and have been a pioneer in coaching in Slovenia. In 2011 we have moved to Cape Town, South Africa.
The move enabled me to look deeper into my own truth of Balanced life my terms, re-define success in terms of a Lifestyle that enriches me.
Living in an international environment in Cape Town has been an opportunity to embrace diversity and non- judgemental point of view and to be able to work with people from different cultural backgrounds.

I am a holistic coach using different modalities to create a lasting change in an individual. I have done Hippocrates lifestyle mentor training, which I offer to my clients as an option of guidance to create a healthy attitude, clean body.

Holistic approach means that we address body, emotions, feelings, mind, soul. I coach clients how to be in a heartspace, mindfulness of the heart, brain connection. This I see as a base to create space for more Peace and Joy in Life.

I am a walk the walk coach, one who believes in authenticity, and uses the experiences of a lifetime.

Carolyn Curtis

Life Coach & Trainer

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

My training began almost 30 years ago and grew and developed with me. I have created my incredible life and I love it.

It is my purpose and mission to help YOU build the life you want, helping you to love yourself and love your life.
I have coached thousands of people over the last 20 plus years through group courses, workshops and one to one coaching.

I have been asked what do I specialise in, my answer is YOU!

I am here for you, to help you love your life.

You may want help in your relationships, help in your career, you may want more confidence so you can be assertive when you need to, or you may have a dream and you are ready to make it a reality.

The link here is simply YOU!

You are the common denominator. And within you is the whole universe. I am here to help you navigate it. To choose the brightest star and reach it!

Suzie Cuthbertson

Life, Busines and Career Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Hello my name is Suzie Cuthbertson and I am a Life, Business and Career Coach.

As a previous HR Director, an accredited coach and chartered personal development professional, I work with private clients on a 1-2-1 basis helping people fulfil their true potential by removing their self limiting beliefs, changing their behaviour and creating a new life or business strategy.

I believe everyone has the potential to live a meaningful and fulfilled life and I help you achieve this by aiding you find clarity so you can take practical action, that will give you a focus and ultimately the freedom and life you are searching for. I do this by enabling a large amount of self-reflection and support you with techniques that will transform your life. I help you to become unstuck in life and business and aid you to move forward.

Whether you’re looking to make a big change in your personal life, starting or growing your business I'm here to help you reach the highest levels of your creative potential. I work with you to get you where you want to be in your life and together we work towards success on your terms.

When coaching with me I guarantee you will get:
• 100% unconditional support and commitment throughout your coaching journey
• A confidential and safe place to express how you are truly feeling
• Relatable and practical tools to help you take action and move forward
• More clarity, focus and direction after just a few sessions and Results

Silvana Da Silva

Intuitive Life Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Hey there! I'm Silvana....

Director, Coach & Mentor of The Magnetic Woman.

It was 10 years ago when I envisioned creating a community and service for women who've succeeded in so many areas of their lives yet felt lacking any true depth, self-desire, or joy.
It is my mission to reignite their spark, allowing them to connect with their true essence and manifest their change from the inside out.

And so the Magnetic Woman was birthed to enable women to feel the confidence to say what they want to say, dress in a way that makes them feel great but most importantly experience and radiate passion and vitality.

I am an accredited Coach who through partnerships with Healers and Stylists I have devised the all-encompassing program Reinventing.YOU.

Do feel free to give me a call or Whatsapp message.

I look forward to speaking with you.

With love & light,

Silv x

Rima Dahdah

Accredited Senior Coach and Master NLP Practitioner

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Senior Coach
About Me

I am here to unlock and power up adults in businesses and in life through NLP-Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting (while CBT and RTT are on the way).

My experience in Lebanese Corporations and Local NGOs in the field of Training and Development equipped me to move to the Consulting industry where I am enjoying the diversification of projects and nationalities I am working with on a daily basis.
In addition to founding my own company, 7044 GIANTS LTD UK where I am leading as Managing Partner and enjoying the beautiful impact on individuals and businesses.

Here for you to contact me:

Monique Daigneault

Executive Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

I greatly value work / life balance and spend my free time at the gym, hiking, skydiving, traveling, and spending time with family. In the spirit of helping others I spend one month each summer as a volunteer teaching English overseas.

I believe that there is something to be learned from all of life’s experiences. We can harness those lessons and not only grow from them but help others grow also. We have the power to influence, motivate, and impact our family, friends, coworkers, and business teams in a positive way. I have spent my career empowering corporate executives to recognize their limits, stretch beyond them, and use that inner strength to lead by example. Business and corporate settings have unlimited opportunities for all of us to spread our influence.

I specialize in helping executives have a higher impact in their organizations by being more influential. During the coaching session you will feel supported, listened to, empowered, and motivated to keep taking the next step. I have a strong intuition and am driven by a reserved and quiet strength. This attunement and focus allows me to expertly guide you through changing business environments, ambiguity, and daily roadblocks. I invite you to view the resources below for further information.

Corporate executive coaching webinar (55-minutes):

Executive Influence Program Overview, Case Studies, and FAQ:

Lorraine Davies

Accredited Life Coach & Business Mentor

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Lorraine is a certified and accredited Life Coach, Business Mentor, Best Selling Author and motivational speaker who helps female entrepreneurs create an unlimited life of purpose, abundance and joy.

Lorraine has been successfully coaching and mentoring business owners since 2012. After growing a business and ranking within the top 3% of leaders in a network marketing company she decided to launch her coaching brand, Flourish.

As a coach, Lorraine is an expert at helping women to overcome self-limiting beliefs around deserving, worthiness and money so they can make quantum leaps forward in their business, earn what they are truly worth and create a lifestyle that they desire and deserve.

Lorraine recently coauthored a book 'There She Glows: volume III', where she shares her journey to overcoming her own limits and learning to trust her intuition in business and life. You can purchase your copy of this at:

Lorraine works with clients on a 1-2-1 basis through her 12-week bespoke transformational package 'You Deserve to Flourish', as well as providing group coaching programs, courses and masterclasses.

Lorraine is known for helping clients to realize their potential by tapping into their intuition, aligning their energy and taking inspired action. She has an infectious energy and when she is not working enjoys reading, gardening and quality family time.

Lorraine is available for coaching, mentoring and speaking engagements.

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Mentor
About Me

I am a natural born psychic medium, author, teacher and unbelievably, a retired British military officer with many years’ experience travelling the world.

Following on from my radio shows and as a presenter with Psychic TV in the UK, I use every bit of my previous experience, my intuitive abilities as well as my connection with my spiritual guides to inspire my global clients to not only achieve their life’s ambitions but find balance in their lives between the demands of busy careers and their home life and, at the same time, their spiritual needs. Having worked with over 2000 clients on a deeply personal level, I am perfectly placed to offer a safe space for you to come explore all of your options when it comes to those questions we all carry close to our hearts.

I have trained extensively at the Arthur Findley College in England with world-renowned tutors and now offer my skills to my students, both here in the UK and US.

Whatever your reason for being here, take your time, decide what it is you need for the next phase of your life and let's meet somewhere along the way.

Gino DeMaio

Chief Executive Officer

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Fellow Coach
  • Accredited Fellow Mentor
About Me

Over the past few years, Gino has received numerous awards relating to his leadership, including the Executive Director of The Year, the Distinguished Community Service Award, the collaboration of the year award, and the prestigious Employer Patriot Award from the Department of Defense.

Gino holds master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology and Human Services Administration. Additionally, Gino holds three Executive Leadership certifications from Harvard Business School and a specialization certification from Harvard in Executive Leadership. Gino is also a Certificated Executive Coach from the Center for Executive Coaching and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

A lifelong learner, Gino also holds certifications in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Emotional Intelligence EQ-i2.0, Disc Personality Assessments for Leaders, and the Leadership Challenge, 5 Principles of Exemplary Leadership.

A servant leader through and through, Gino believes that we are put here on this earth to serve others because life is no longer meaningless when serving.

Maria Dennisur

Courage Coach|Self-Relationship

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I am a fun loving wife and mother, riding the joys of life as I accept it for what it is and understand that valleys come but don't last forever! Being an artist, my natural inclination is to do all business with flow and ease. Arts therapeutic properties are infused in my coaching program allowing for a nurturing creative platform. As a result, you will achieve your required transformation in a supportive environment.

Journi2u Unique2u modalities:
Mirror Therapy
Sound Healing
Art Body Connections exercise
Let Go and Grow dance awakening
Intentional Self-discipline reflective workshop, and more.

Journi2u Let Go and Grow blueprint:
Is made up of four pillars and 3 elements and provides for acceptance of self which attracts inner peace, ignites courage, and a new zest for life!

We will focus on letting go of what no longer serves and replacing with what does. My life has provided me with the experience to recognize deep inner pain and respect its complexities. Do you need to let go and grow from the unfulfilling relationship you have crafted with yourself? Do you want to attract a nurtured and satisfying self-relationship? Then let's find your answers and welcome a new you.

12 week program
8 Zoom sessions with me.
Whatsapp/ text/ email support.

Want to connect further?
Have a read of my No.1 bestselling collaboration book: There she Glows Volume III by Maria Antonette. Here I provide an opportunity for you to get to know my journi2me.

Iulia Dobre-Trifan

Business Manager, Trainer, Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Senior Coach
About Me

I am a dynamic, efficient, ambitious coach. I like to work with people who want more from their lives and who believe that all the good things are within reach, given the right combination of talent and effort.

Throughout my career, I have been working for many years as a manager and entrepreneur. My coaching practice is based on my pragmatic knowledge of the real challenges that leaders nowadays face in their high-speed, high-tech, fast-changing professional environments. I also rely in my coaching approaches on my personal belief that every person who authentically wants to achieve a specific outcome will find the way and the needed resources.

Nowadays, leaders face challenges consisting more and more in successfully balancing between people and results, vision and implementation, global competition and fast changing business contexts. Executive coaching is, first of all, a new style of leadership, one that focuses on learning and boosting performance, at individual, team and company level.
I like challenges and I enjoy bringing to my professional contexts enthusiasm and confidence, both towards the targeted results and towards the journey reaching the results.

My coaching philosophy consists of three steps: Vision, Passion, Perseverance. (See It, Believe It, Get It.)

Rosalind Dodd

Mental Fitness Coach, Solution Focused Therapist and Hypnotherapist

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Hi, I'm Ros I'm a mental fitness coach and therapist based in Surrey.

I help people who have anxiety disorders (see below) or depression, or are stressed, or burntout, find peace of mind and begin to thrive - and develop the tools to maintain their mental fitness. ​

I use coaching, solution focused brief therapy and hypnotherapy plus tools from neuroscience, CBT, NLP to help you get back in control and feeling calm.

I am fully insured, have enhanced DBS, and I'm registered with the NCH, CNHC, AfSFH. I also provide online therapy.

Good bye anxiety...
If you have an anxiety disorder such as OCD, panics attacks, social anxiety, phobias, or you're suffering from insomnia, overwhelm or burnout then I can help.

Anxiety can also be related to neurodivergence such as ADHD or autism, or hormonal changes such as menopause.

Sometimes we lean on unhealthy habits to manage anxiety, such as poor eating, drinking or buying habits.

I work by exploring and addressing the areas of your life you wish to change, using neuroscience to understand your mind and tools based in coaching, solution focused brief therapy, CBT and NLP. Together we will help you build better habits, resilience, motivation, positivity, and develop solution-led thinking to create a future in line with your values, visions and goals.

Maura Dolan


Accredited Status
  • Accredited Fellow Coach
  • Accredited Fellow Mentor
About Me

Maura is an accredited fellow of coaching (AFC) facilitator and trainer with over 15 years’ experience coaching senior executives, designing and delivering coach training courses. Prior to establishing Life & Executive Coaching Institute. Maura spent over 20 years working in the corporate world and has extensive business acumen. She has a comprehensive understanding of finance, compliance and regulatory matters honed through her considerable experience both with the IDA, private industry, her professional qualifications and through working with companies in highly regulated sectors.

Executive Coaching, Strategy planning, departmental re-organisation and design, Leadership development including developing a coaching leadership style, Developing an executive presence, Succession and career planning, Developing high potential performers, Change management, Growth mindset including adaptability and resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Biases and decision making, Developing and delivering training programmes

Maura’s signature strength as an Executive/Performance Management Coach, Mentor and an Accredited Facilitator/Trainer is her ability to balance her empathetic style, with a challenging action and performance-based focus. Her expertise in the area of training life & executive coaches and mentors further positions her to be at the cutting edge of new and evolving coaching techniques.

Gamze Dönmez


Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

After working in Human Resources and Talent Management Departments in the corporate market for 21 years, I started my own business. I'm the founder partner of Look For Talent Training & Consulting.

Kerrie Dorman

Head Mentor for corporate mentoring schemes

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Fellow Mentor
About Me

My mission is to inspire people in all walks of commercial life, through spreading the word on the power of mentoring and by sharing my extensive experience of starting, selling, succeeding in business - and learning from failure.

Suzie Doscher

Accredited Master Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

Born in New York, educated in Switzerland and England I now live back in Switzerland since 2006.

An international upbringing allows me familiarity and comfort with cross-cultural lifestyles and consequently I enjoy an international client base. Continuous education and self-reflection spur on my own personal development and growth while enhancing my coaching skills. I strongly believe in 'keep on moving forward' and enjoy supporting my clients while they move forward.

​As a Native English speaker, fluent in German, my coaching is in English. My client base is a mixture of international private individuals, executive and business clients ranging from start-ups to larger international companies. (Banking, Consumer Products, 5*Hotels, Bio-tech, Pharma, Luxury Goods etc.

My father's brief in 1961, ( I was 5 years old) when Dow Chemical sent him to Switzerland as part of the 'start up' team, was to expand Dow Europe. Consequently I grew up observing how successful teams were built incorporating many different nationalities and intercultural behaviour. Being around executives was and is my 'normal'.

My practical, common sense and enabling approach to personal development has drawn clients to me from across the globe. I always knew my heart was at its happiest when helping people. My vision is everyone should have access to techniques for personal growth and development. This was the motivation behind my books.

Keisha-Ann Down


Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

I am currently based in Jamaica after living in the UK for over 20 years. I work with number of local and international clients and companies delivering tangible results.

I have a diverse set of clients from large organisations and educational institutions to individuals looking for and ready for results. At Dragonfly Pathways, I provide my clients with the necessary framework for individuals and entities to realise their full potential by developing customised solutions to encourage positive growth, self realisation, the attainment of tangible goals and measurable success.

Assessments, Coaching & Training programmes are developed and delivered to ensure that businesses clients, small and large, meet targets, increase revenue and improve their customer satisfaction. Work with student on the path to academic excellence as well as assisting individuals to overcome personal and professional challenges, moving towards their goals.

Juliette Dyke

Career Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Hi I'm Juliette, a Careers Coach for purpose driven people, who want to find meaningful career they love.

If you are feeling frustrated, stuck and confused about what to do next in your career or business, then coaching can help you:

-Get 100% clear on what you're best at (strengths), what matters to you most (values) and what motivates you (purpose).
-Guide you through the process of turning that into the career (or business idea) of your dreams in 90 days.
-Make a practical, no stress financial plan for your career transition.
-Overcome your fears and feel more confident in what they you to offer the world.
-Help you manage your time and reduce stress, so that you feel more organised, focused and productive during your career search.
-Beat procrastination, finally stop dreaming about ‘one day’ and start taking action.

Interested? Then I'd love you to get in touch via the contact form on my website. Just answer a few quick questions to let me know more about you, and I’ll get back to you personally within 24hrs:

Henry Eastman

Life Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I am a passionate life coach accredited by the IAPC&M. I specialise in helping people that overthink. Allowing them to find space in their busy minds and live more peacefully.

My entry into this profession was the result of my own experience with life coaching and the personal growth it provided me. My chronic overthinking was creating anxiety in all aspects of my life. I was my own worst enemy and my fear-based perspective would habitually destroy my hopes and dreams before they ever got started. Ultimately, I was living in a very limited world. Working with a life coach helped me identify and target my triggers of overthinking and develop strategies for managing them. Seeing a life coach allowed me to start living from a more spacious place of freedom and peace.

marianthy Fanos

Life Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

My name is Marianthy Fanos. I am a certified life coach and passionate about change, with a better quality of life, a better way of thinking. I am a mother of 5 wonderful children and the wife of a very supportive husband. In my spare time, I read books that give me the opportunity to grow and move forward, because I believe that the first step to success is to get to know ourselves as best as we can. I was born and raised in Greece and live permanently with my family in the United States. I always build a relationship of trust with my clients, as I believe that trust is everything for an important relationship. It's an absolute pleasure to be accredited by the IAPCM, as it stems from my core belief to safeguard the coaching industry, and present to the world coaches, and a coaching experience that raises the bar and holds both us coaches and our coachees to a degree of accountability where change is the only constant. Thank you for stopping by the profile.