For coaches & mentors who want to upskill by adding creativity coaching to their skills tool kit, you’ll be pleased to know that whilst training is normally $475, the talented coach, trainer and author Eric Maisel offers IAPC&M members a $100 discount! Here is your unique discount code: Save$100CCTrain and includes his eBook Become a Creativity Coach Now! 

Who is this course for?
Writers, visual artists, performers, and all other creative persons. Especially valuable for artists, therapists, counsellors, life coaches and other professionals who want to add creativity coaching to their services.

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In praise of Eric’s training:

Eric Maisel is an inspired coach and teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable and shares his knowledge generously in a focused and practical way. I’ve just completed another training with him and as always, I am amazed not only at how much I’ve learned for use with my own clients and students, but how expansive my own writing and creative process have become!” — Susan Borkin

Eric is a popular masterclass speaker at the IACP&M (search for Eric on our blog for 2020 & 2021 recordings), here is his 2022 schedule:

2nd Feb. @ 5 pm UK time
Busting the Mental Disorder Paradigm:
What Every Coach Should Know

6th Apr. @ 5 pm UK time
Your Three Personalities: What They Are and How to Use Them

1st Jun. @ 5 pm UK time
The Life Purposes Coaching Model

3rd Aug. @ 5 pm UK time
Sad Clients—and What to Do

5th Oct. @ 5 pm UK time
Anxious Clients—and What to Do

7th Dec. Wed. @ 5 pm UK time
The 16 Challenges of Smart Teens