Creating the Reflective Habit – A Practical Guide for Coaches, Mentors and Leaders by Michelle Lucas is available to pre-order from Amazon now and Routledge in May.

Reflection is a critical skill which can enhance the quality of our professional and domestic lives. Yet in a world of “busy”, reflective practice often falls to the bottom of the list. We are not alone in the struggle to use the pause button well. This book is here to help.

The book offers a practical toolkit which shows you how to create a sustainable reflective habit. We begin by exploring the meaning and territory of reflection, drawing from the literature to provide context and understanding. The following chapters contain prompts and exercises which will appeal to different processing preferences. The intention throughout this book is firstly, to show that reflection means so much more than journaling, and secondly, to encourage an appetite for experimentation that results in a desire to reflect on a regular and sustainable basis. We invite you into an immersive experience, playing with the multitude of reflective possibilities on offer. It is only through repeated trial and error, enlightenment and frustration that we will come to create our own reflective habit.

Written by a coach and coach supervisor, this practical book is an invaluable resource for helping practitioners, but will also be immensely helpful to anyone and everyone who wants to get their pause button in good working order. The book also provides Learning & Development professionals with a suite of tools and materials to help build the reflective practice skill set in their organisation.

David will be pre-ordering (having seen a draft copy) and is on his recommended reading list.

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