Dive into an extraordinary opportunity to redefine success on your terms at the “Creating Clarity & Vision in Business” masterclass.

We are thrilled to invite you to an enlightening session with the esteemed IAPC&M Accredited Master Coach, Lisa McMurtry, a luminary in the world of business coaching.

Mark Your Calendars! Lisa will be enlightening us on Day 4 of the prestigious International Coaching Week – Thursday, 16th May at 4:30 p.m. UK time.

In this masterclass, Lisa McMurtry will unravel the mysteries of why clarity and vision are the bedrock of a thriving business.

You will embark on a journey to uncover how clarity in your business can not only align with your soul’s purpose but also catalyze success across the four vital energies of your enterprise.

Specifically, Lisa will delve into the following points:

✅ Clarity & Vision – Of your Business

✅ Clarity & Vision – Of your Perfect Match Clients

✅ Clarity & Vision – Of Your Success Mindset Clarity & Vision – Of Your Money Mindset

Don’t miss this chance to empower yourself with the tools and insights necessary for crafting a soul-aligned, successful business.

Let’s embrace clarity and vision together – your business transformation starts here!

About the speaker:

Having worked in positive emotional & mental health for over 25 years now, (first as a mental health nurse and then as a life coach), helping 1000s of people feel more in control of their thoughts and emotions so they feel happier in life, Lisa now helps others to become confident & competent life coaches & energy healers and make money from it, with her accredited advanced life coach training programmes.

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Please feel free to share this opportunity with anyone else you know will benefit; it’s freely available to all practitioners, not just IAPC&M accredited practitioners.

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