‘A real master class in delivering not only a content rich presentation, but great tips for engaging with my target audience’ – RJ

Attendees will hear how to join The Life Coach Directory, which has over 20,000 enquiries every month, at a discounted price.

Key learnings

Recently I had the pleasure of talking to members and guests of the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring about one of my biggest passions – creating content.

I’ve been a content creator for nearly 10 years now and have seen the incredible impact content can have. As a recently qualified coach too, I’m seeing how the right content can turn readers into clients and this is what I focused on within this talk.

After discussing the importance of content creation for coaches, I explained what a content ecosystem is and how to make sure your content is working together. Finally, I shared my five-step process for creating content that speaks to clients, builds trust and encourages enquiries.

Here are some key learnings from the talk:

  • Content helps clients get to know you better, understand how you work and feel more comfortable investing in your services.
  • You can create your own content ecosystem by listing the content streams you have, your purpose for each stream and ensuring they can link together in some way.
  • To create content that converts you need to outline your key messages as a coach, consider the different points in the customer journey and decipher the jobs of your content streams.
  • Experimenting, regularly reflecting and refining your content is how you’ll find what works best for you and your audience.

As I emphasised in the talk, it’s not about doing it ‘all’ and creating so much content that you burn out. Instead, try to focus on a few key content streams that you have the capacity to create for and focus on them. While consistency is important, it’s never as important as looking after your mental health – in order to be there for our clients, we need to look after ourselves.

At Life Coach Directory we offer some convenient ways for you to create and share content. All of our members have the opportunity to publish articles on our website (which gets an average of 41,000 visitors per month), which we then share on our social media platforms.

Each article is proofed and edited by our content team to ensure they perform as well as possible, adding images and styling to make it look appealing and offering any additional suggestions/tips to improve performance.

As we are in the Happiful family, we also have opportunities for our members to be featured in Happiful Magazine, sharing expert comments for pieces written by our team or sharing pieces written by our members themselves.

We’re offering members of the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring a lifetime discount to Life Coach Directory, paying just £18 per month. To find out more, please get in touch with Jay Morjaria: jay.morjaria@lifecoach-directory.org.uk.

If you have any follow-up questions from the talk, please feel free to email me: katherine@lifecoach-directory.org.uk and follow me on Instagram to see my content marketing in action!

Kat Nicholls is an established published writer and a regular contributor at Happiful. She is a self-worth coach. Whether it’s through writing or coaching, Kat’s aim is to help people discover their worth, build self-belief and grow in confidence.

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