Relive the incredible insights and valuable discussions on Connect, Engage and Attract the Right People Into Your World Using LinkedIn, featuring our special guest Kate Clarke.

LinkedIn works and is a great source of clients for your coaching business! Kate is going to share with you the successes and experiences she has had and how she guides her clients to use LinkedIn.

This masterclass is designed for coaches who are passionate about building long-term, authentic connections with their audience on LinkedIn. Explore the practical strategies to use the platform effectively, connect with the right people, grow your audience and ultimately get more people sliding into your DMs, as the kids say.

During this 45-minute masterclass, Kate delved into

  1. How to use the platform – where everything is;
  2. What to post about;
  3. How to find your people and connect with them;
  4. How to start conversations and engage; and
  5. Best practice advice and how to tailor that to your own business.

Watch the recording here:


Kate Clarke is an independent ethical marketing and content strategist who works with purpose-driven coaching businesses to create marketing strategies that work for their uniqueness.

Kate is a born problem solver and lives to help her clients get past the blockers that are stopping them from achieving their marketing goals so that they can have greater success in creating conversations and connections.

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