The IAPC&M continue to bring you expert speakers, who are also coaches, so they understand both our industry, and the increasingly sophisticated and complex nature of our client’s needs.  This time we hear from Cinnie Noble who pioneered Conflict Management Coaching – quite a topcial subject over the festive season when expectations for a perfect time can lead to tensions…No matter what our coaching niche, conflict is a common client issue we coaches need to deal with and coaching clients find their way through their difficult situations can be challenging, especially when our usual coaching methods are not effective.

Cinnie Noble, conflict specialist and certified coach, explains how her well-researched coaching model based on coaching, conflict management and neuroscience principles can help you to.  She shares her proven framework, specifically designed to help clients, in any context, to optimise their ability to engage in conflict, with increased confidence and competence. Cinnie also shares what distinguishes this form of coaching from others and what else makes it a special specialty.

To listen to a recording of Cinnie Noble’s call on Conflict Management Coaching click here