In celebration of International Mentoring Day last week, the IAPC&M is offering one lucky mentee a complimentary copy of The Mentoring Notebook by Elizabeth Vrato.

All you need to do is submit your experience of being mentored, and send it to us here. The draw will be announced on 1st February.

Hear special guest speakers Dr. Stephen Hopkins talk about the power of mentoring in the workplace, and Jennifer Helene Popken, nutritional expert explain how mentoring can reset our health.

First to take the hot seat was Dr. Stephen Hopkins, IAPC&M accredited coach, mentor, facilitator and trainer who discussed:

1. the frequently cited differences between coaching and mentoring can be unhelpful in terms of supporting workplace performance development;
2. a framework which integrates the concepts of directive and non-directive coaching within a structured, solution focused, approach can provide a highly effective basis for delivering high quality work-based performance development support; and
3. the much sought after, yet highly illusive, ‘work place coaching culture’ can be secured using a common vocabulary and common organising model.


sOur next guest speaker was Jennifer Helene Popken, who holds an M.S. in Nutrition and is an advocate for Lifestyle Medicine. 

During this interactive webinar, Jennifer introduced:

1. simple tips on how to get your health on track; 
2. the secret formula – The Three Pillars necessary to succeed (nourishment, embodiment, and mindset);
3. how to feel satisfied and stay healthy on a plant-based diet; and
4. emotional stamina, what it is, and how to achieve it.

Watch the recording here:

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Please feel free to share this opportunity with anyone else you know will benefit; it’s freely available to all practitioners, not just IAPC&M accredited practitioners.

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