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Increase your chances of hitting your goal of establishing new habits and finally taking that huge step for your life by avoiding these common pitfalls:

✓ Fear – fear of failure, of success, of making a fool out of themselves

✓ Taking Ineffectual Action – a lot of people believe that they are always working towards their goal, but really, they are busy, but not productive

✓ Perfectionism – what looks like a positive personality trait of always wanting to do our very best can actually be our worst enemy

✓ Giving Away Power – some people wait for someone else to take the first step before they will

✓ Planning Without Doing – there are those people who get as far as making a massive action plan but fail to ever get beyond the planning

✓ Making Excuses – we all know people who have brilliant ideas but only make excuses as to why they never break out

✓ Having a Negative Mindset – we all have that little voice in our head that likes to pop up and tell us all the reasons why our plan for reaching our goal won’t work

Steps to Overcome Fear of Taking Massive Action

Put your fear into perspective
Just do it
Continue doing it
Don’t create self-doubt

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