“May I just thank you for what I have experienced to be the best IAPC&M webinar I’ve attended! I’m super grateful to receive huge affirmation in my own approach and thinking when working with clients. You’re a super engaging speaker Sean, funny too, and you have a wealth of knowledge and experience that I could have listened to for 6 more hours.” ~ Claz Gomez

What I liked most about this webinar is the genuinely down to earth natural style of the presenter which made it very easy to listen to.” ~ David Monro-Jones

“Really insightful and embracing look at what trauma is and how to deal with it from a coaching perspective. Sean’s insight is authentic, and shows a deep empathetic understanding.” ~ Sharon Kandiah

Introducing our special guest speaker, Sean McCallum, Fire & Rescue Service Watch Manager and Incident Commander. Sean will share about dealing with trauma and will talk about the Case for Psycho-Social Support. Watch the recording here:

Sean McCallum is Veteran of the Iraq War 2003, where he served as a Combat Infanteer. Currently serving as a Fire & Rescue Service Watch Manager and Incident Commander, Sean also leads and coordinates a highly specialised Peer Support Team which helps Blue-light Officers to recover from Psychological Trauma in the aftermath of critical incidents.

As part of this role, Sean coordinated psychological recovery operations in the aftermath of the London terror attacks of 2017 and latterly the Grenfell Tower Disaster, for which he received a commendation from the Operational Command Unit of the London Metropolitan Police. Sean also supports his fellow Veterans by helping them to recover from Posttraumatic Stress using highly effective methods of psycho-social support and is currently involved in a partnership which helps those enduring addiction through a trauma-informed approach to recovery.

Sean generously donated his course and time for free to support our Lebanese coaching community with 2 days Crisis training.

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