Introducing our guest speakers on Coaching the Most Difficult Area of Life – Intimate Relationships, The Relationship Couple, Tony & Nicki Vee.

This masterclass is open to all men and women, especially those whose relationship is not working anything like they would like it to be, or single people who are wanting to make sure they get it right next time.

In this 45-minute masterclass, you will learn:

✓ How to stop arguing;
✓ How to regain trust; and
✓ How to create a loving, intimate relationship that gives both of you joy instead of pain, and positively affects every part of your lives, benefitting everyone around you, especially your children if you have them.


Tony & Nicki Vee, The Relationship Couple

Tony & Nicki believe that a ‘universal force’ threw them together in 2003 in order for them to assist men and women how to learn to live together in the ‘Ultimate, Intimate Relationship’. They are now best known for their ‘Couples Intimate Relationship Educational Programs’ which have helped thousands of couples heal their past issues, and live a life full of love. They have both been coaches for more than 2 decades.

Their clients repeatedly mention how Tony & Nicki quickly get to the core of the issue, ask the perfect questions to assist new realizations, and how they lovingly support people through ‘choppy waters’. Their core philosophy has never changed. They brilliantly explain the key differences between being in a place of fear instead of a place of love, and they teach how to live harmoniously and create the polarity of our natural masculinity and femininity.

They both fervently believe that once people fully understand how they have got to where they are now, and commit to working towards where they want to be, absolutely nothing can prevent this from working.

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Please feel free to share this opportunity with anyone else you know will benefit; it’s freely available to all practitioners, not just IAPC&M accredited practitioners.

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