Michael Marx [Co-Founder of Coaching Suicide Awareness] has facilitated a Coaching Suicide Awareness master class for us earlier this year Helping People Who Are Suicidal (coach-accreditation.services) and is hoping you’ll join in and support his upcoming event: 10th Sept. 2022. There is no cost, but what you learn will be priceless!

Coaching Suicide Awareness (CSA) is a not for profit, and it’s hosting its second annual eSummit: “Coaching Those Affected by Suicide”. 

Please feel free to share and support in any way you can.  
Participants will have the opportunity to learn: 
** Skills needed to help survivors after a tragedy or suicide.
** How to approach complexities of mental health and resilience factors for those in marginalized groups. 
** How to foster and practice empathy and compassion for employees in the workplace. 
This event is at no cost
Coaching Suicide Awareness, Dr. Michael J. Marx – Co-Founder
Phone: +1 (970) 819-3877