Carole Ann Rice has been a coach for 16 years and a journalist for 30 years and says: “I can hand on heart say there is nothing as thrilling as the coaching process. To see, experience and be a part of human transformation is a privilege that never dims”.

As a columnist for a newspaper, Carole Ann is lucky enough to be sent many review copies of personal development books. “Books are great, but they can never come close to person to person transformation. It’s coaching that provides a huge leap in human development. However, my heart sinks when I hear people saying they have “done a 2 day coaching course” or worst still “read a few books” and are now calling themselves a coach. This is a scenario that puts the public in real danger”!


Carole Ann believes that coaching demands a skill set of tried and tested power tools, a creative and courageous but empathetic countenance, which needs to be wrapped up with an officially approved and accredited coach training programme. She is passionate that coaching as a profession in the UK is given the gravitas and respect it enjoys in America where top coaches are held up there alongside career professionals such as lawyers, psychotherapists and GPS.

“We need coaching excellence to pull us forward. Coaches are life and world changers and these skills are not to be lightly held in the hands of unprofessional, self-styled amateurs”.


When Carole Ann created Pure Coaching Academy it was to alchemise all the coaching tools, skills and experience that worked for her. By adding three and four dimensional questioning, combined with intuition, as well as adding sound business building skills to her course, she ensured her students developed real commercial marketing know-how.

Added to which, she encourages her certified students to also become professionally accredited. “It’s this level of commitment to our client’s well-being that will maintain the highest standards. It is also essential in keeping this profession respected and legitimate. We’ve still got a long way to go but as coaches we know that baby steps lead to giant leaps. Let’s keep moving forward”.

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