Coaching is all about having a great conversation, and that’s what the IAPC&M does best, after all, you can’t easily accredit people you don’t know!

We believe everyone matters, so, our culture is one of picking up the phone, or Skype and having a conversation, usually over a cup of tea/coffee (or in Dawn’s case a smoothie), whereby we learn about you and your business needs, that way you find out how we can help you to help yourself.

However, when it comes to choosing who to train with, we know there is a vast range of coach/mentor training providers, which means it can be difficult to select the right company and the right course for you. So first, when selecting a training provider, check they as an organisation, or their course has been accredited – it’s a fundamental differentiator to look for. The second important thing to do is speak to the people who will be training you.

Because we know people buy people, we’ve created a programme of In Conversations With – it’s a series that will help you choose who you want to train with and put faces to the names.

The series kicks off with Dawn Campbell interviewing Gerard O’Donovan, Founder and virtual CEO of NMC. Dawn knows Gerard of old, so she dives right in by finding out how he’s progressing with his big hairy audacious goal of touching a million lives, hence he is still putting in appearances all around the world as he supports his growing coach training empire. Hear how he is doing this by combining his goals with his passion for travel, mindfulness and health.