We are so excited to launch our CPD programme where we will be delivering monthly webinars featuring some of the leading coaches and mentors within the field. The programme will be based on the capability model focusing on a different area each month.  

The first session on 21st Feb will be discussing the ‘Coaching Agreement’.  

The coaching agreement is the beginning of the coaching relationship and sets out the terms of the relationship. This is such a critical element of the relationship and indeed creates the standards by which to work. Done well, the coaching agreement creates a clear set of expectations for the client. This will improve the outcomes for the client. It also provides protection for you as a coach by identifying the boundaries for which you are willing to work.  

The code of professional conduct helps to provide a framework around that agreement in theoretical terms however this webinar will offer practical insights into how to form that coaching agreement. The panel of speakers will discuss and share their experience of how to do it well, insights where it has not worked well and the consequences of not having a strong coaching agreement. Please share any questions you have prior to the event and we will make sure they are covered off during the session.  

These webinars will count towards your CPD for accreditation so it is really important for you to join us. It also helps you to become familiar with the IAPCM leadership team. 

Kind regards, 

Adele McCormack

Head of Professional Standards