Monique Daigneault, MS, ASC has been a seasoned Executive Coach and Human Resource professional for over 25 years.  For decades Monique has been using her experience and insights to coach leaders to make a bigger impact and have greater influence in their organisations.  She is expertly skilled at empowering leaders to recognise their personal strengths, then use those strengths to stretch beyond mechanical and conceptual limits. 
Read this testimonial from client Peter Schwarz

“I enrolled in the beta test phase for Executive Influence and the program knocked my socks off!  At the time, I had major pain points (time management, prioritization, managing direct reports, low team productivity) and I was feeling burned out.  Through the training portion of the program I learned core concepts that helped me make immediate shifts.  The weekly individual coaching helped me to customize those concepts so that I could make long lasting behavioral changes.  Through the optional weekly group coaching I was able to hear how others were benefitting from the concepts.  I even applied some of their strategies for added results! Between Monique and the group, I was held to strict accountability and made accelerated progress.  This is truly a one of a kind ‘coaching intensive’! Within 8 weeks I was able to gain 50% more visibility with other CEOs in my industry, increase team productivity by 35%, and achieve greater work / life balance.”

 Peter Schwarz is CEO at Schwarz GMBH (Bruchkobel, Germany)

My call to action: Exclusively for Executive Leaders! Book a complementary 40-minute Breakthrough session with Monique Daigneault to strategize about your leadership pain points!  By the end of the call we’ll decide if we’ll be a good fit to work together.  If so, you’ll be enrolled in our exclusive 8-week program that launches June 1stExecutive Influenceis a unique program that blends training, individual and group coaching, plus group accountability into a customized framework that will give you maximum impact in your organization.  If your Breakthrough session warrants your enrollment, I’ve reserved five seats in the program for those mentioning this interview.  To schedule your Breakthrough session contact Monique Daigneault:  (+1) 480-734-5043,,

To hear more about how Monique works her executive magic watch this video: