“As a qualified medical doctor and a professional coach, I know how important our service is to human kind. A coach is engaged in an emotional partnership with a client, hence it is essential that he or she delivers the highest quality service, adhering to confidentiality and ethical grounds. This is even more important when you have a coach training program, where you help individuals to grow personally, and prepare them to support many others in their new profession.
Accreditation with IAPC&M helped me immensely in all aspects to grow and become the best I can be. Coaching is growing slowly in Asia, so IAPC&M accreditation brings with it the excellence that corporates increasingly look for when working with a newly growing profession.

So, I thank the accreditation team at IAPC&M for the unmeasurable support and encouragement offered to me every step of the way, both personally and professionally. I would recommend IAPC&M to any individual coach/mentor, or training provider as a means of establishing yourself in a competitive world, as proof of your excellence”.