Let’s be honest, the past year has been tough, on many levels.

We could never have foreseen the damage a virus can cause, both visible, and invisible.

Aside from physical illness, the pandemic has created a lot of mental health issues, one of which is anxiety.

Even people who had not previously suffered anxiety have been affected, and those who were already anxious, have found their anxiety has significantly increased.

If this is you, or you have noticed that Covid-19 has influenced you and or your clients, then you may benefit from reading The One Thing That Changes Everything by Roy Whitten & Scott Roy. It is their contribution to help people deal with their sense of overwhelm due to the pandemic and put into perspective how to cope with the anxiety being experienced.

The One Thing That Changes Everything is a wonderfully quick read with a great exercise to help you in a practical way.

You can purchase it on Amazon (in your country) for only $2.99 (or equivalent currency). This link is for Amazon UK. All proceeds go to charity.

To learn more from Scott you can see his ICW master classes here.