Most of us have habitual behaviours and thought patterns. They can benefit us or can be detrimental.

Most of us relate habits with behaviours that come automatically and easily. For instance, waking up at 6 am without the alarm clock and then exercising, or taking the same route to the grocery store.

Let me highlight today that we also have habitual ways of thinking. And our thinking influences our decisions. The ways we think are influenced by our beliefs and fears.

For example, when opportunities come to take on a new challenge, a habitual way of thinking can be, “I can’t do it, it is too difficult”.

That way of thinking can be rooted in fear of failure or the belief that I am not good enough. Habitual thoughts will pop up automatically in our minds, and we yield to them. We allow this when we’re not self-aware enough.

Some of our habits were created by default. As we go through life, we started to create partners of behaviours. We created beliefs and ways of thinking. Perhaps we saw them in our parents.

We got influenced by our peers, society, or our personal experiences. And now those habits (mental & behavioural) run in our subconscious mind as programs that are part of our programming.

Today I wanted to share with you how to change a behavioural habit. Let’s say you want to change the habit of watching too much TV and start reading instead.

With determination and perseverance, you can change any habit. You simply need to make a choice and begin directing your thoughts and behaviours.

Change a Habit with Determination, Conscious Direction, Asking Why and Awareness

First step: Awareness. Recognize when you are acting or about to act according to your old habit, and stop yourself immediately.

Second step: Ask why. Bring into your awareness the reasons it is essential for you to stop this old habit and create a new one.

Third step: Conscious direction. In your awareness, use your choice and willpower to direct the creation of a new habit.

Fourth step: Determination. This is key because your brain will oppose you. Don’t give up—continue working on and repeating the new habit until it becomes ingrained.

Once you become aware of your mind’s resistance to creating a new habit, you can direct your thoughts to help you break through the resistance. Focus on the reasons you want to create a new habit, and use your will and determination to create the new one.

One last thing, if you wish to change habituated ways of thinking and the beliefs/fears that they are coming from, you need to do some self-examination by working on yourself. And if you really want to do that, I can help you too! 🙂

This is all that I have for you today, and if you have any questions, just let me know!

Choose to have a wonderful day, and a big hug to you!

With appreciation,

Claudia Velandia, MBA, MA, CPC, B.Eng

Best-selling Author, Transformational Coach & Podcaster – helping people to wake up to live their best lives.