Jerri Udelson created ICW in 1999.  The logo above was designed by Thomas Leonard, one of the pioneers in the coaching field, in 2001. He was also one of ICWs earliest sponsors.

IAPC&M celebrates ICW 20th anniversary by supporting a dedicated week of coaching events, seminars, workshops and training.  All offered by the highest calibre speakers and expert trainers, resulting in an exceptional week of CPD opportunities around the world.

IAPC&M, COO, David Monro-Jones said “Every coach who is professionally trained, certified and accredited is a valuable ambassador for our industry. ICW is an excellent opportunity to educate, encourage and empower the public, sometimes in an entertaining way, to embrace the powerful results achieved through individual , team and business coaching.   So, every day is the perfect day to be the best coach you can possibly be.  ICW provides us an additional setting for raising the profile and professionalism of our industry”.  


Jerri asks that you share how you will participate

Jerri Udelson said to me today “Thanks for posting.  As the founder  I’ll be interested to learn how people are celebrating.  I’ll be offering free laser coaching if people contact me at to set up an appointment”.  J.