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Whether you are a newly qualified graduate, a mid-career professional looking for change, a returner looking for work after a break, or someone who is simply not fulfilled by their current job, a career coach can help you get invaluable insights and support you on your journey.

Coaching is tailored to your unique situation, goals, aspirations, and challenges. Because coaching is neutral – and does not have preconceived ideas or opinions about what you should do, you may find out desires and options you weren’t expecting. It’s a chance for you to find out what truly matters to you. 

Your coach will support you on your journey, making what can be a stressful time into an exciting voyage of discovery. 

Imagine that you’ve already spent hours sitting in front of your PC trawling through hundreds of potential vacancies.  You now realise what started as exciting – seeing all these vacancies at your fingertips – has quickly turned into a depressing task. 

If this sums up your journey in the job market, then please join us as we explore how transformative working with a career coach can be. one of the UK’s job websites published an interesting online article about career coaches in January 2023.  This article usefully states that career coaches not only help with the practical side of career progression, they also help with motivation and confidence. And this is a very important point. 

What Do Career Coaches Do?

There is no one thing that a career coach does. It’s a multi-faceted role. They guide individuals through various stages of their professional journey. 

They combine this with their in-depth knowledge of the job market (some will specialise in specific sectors).  

When working with you they help with:

  • Clarifying future career goals 
  • Skills development related to the recruitment process
  • Honing specific skills to help you excel in your current and future roles

When all this is personalised and tailored to each client, this equals empowerment!

Clarifying Future Career Goals

As with all types of coaching, career coaching involves in-depth discussions to help the client explore their passions, values, strengths, and aspirations. The coach’s job is to ask probing questions, listen actively, and support the client in discovering what is important to them. 

A coach will use a range of exercises and analysis tools to take you on this journey of discovery. Inviting you to reflect on your personal and professional experiences, so you can identify the elements of your job you enjoy and excel in. You may identify areas for development or retraining possibilities. 

Skills Development Related To The Recruitment Process

No matter what brings you to the job market there are certain skills you can learn which give you the best chance of finding and securing your ideal job. Your career coach will show you how to: search for jobs, develop a good CV, write a good cover letter, and prepare, so you perform well at interviews. 

We all know job hunting is not easy. If you lose motivation and confidence as a result of not getting interviews and/or getting rejected, your career coach will help you practically by reviewing what you are doing during the application and interview process, and refining it. And just as importantly they will help you maintain a positive and confident mindset using effective coaching techniques.

Honing Specific Skills To Help You Excel In Your Current And Future Roles

Career coaches use a range of assessment tools and exercises – such as personality assessments and skills inventories to help their clients get a clear understanding of their unique skills, strengths, and interests. This in turn helps them to find their desired career outcomes.

To secure your ideal career move you may also uncover areas for skill development.  This is something that your career coach will be able to advise you on.  

Your coach will help you tailor your skills development to match your career aspirations.  After all, if you are going to spend time learning, then you want to be sure you have selected the best option.  

Once your career coach has helped you uncover what your career goal is and what your next career move will be, they will help you develop/ and enhance your skills so you achieve it.  

Personalised support and expertise tailored to each client’s needs

A career coach understands that searching for jobs is challenging and knows how to support their clients. 

From identifying your strengths, skills, and values to helping you understand your motivations and desires –  working with a career coach will result in you uncovering the next career path and/or move that is right for you. 

It’s not just getting clarity on your next career move, if you need help developing a great CV and/or using online tools such as job websites and LinkedIn effectively, or if you are struggling with confidence, a career coach can help. 

How do you find a career coach?

Here are some resources if you are looking for a career coach or if you are interested in finding out more, to become a career coach yourself.