Can you help?  Are you involved in workplace coaching and learning?

All coaches (and their coachees) are welcome to participate in a PhD research project for student Sarah Koester from Maastricht University


Are you a coach who can make a difference?

By Sarah Koester

I am looking for (Business) Coaches for my PhD thesis at Maastricht University with the topic: ‘Workplace Coaching: How the organizational environment makes people learn.’

Through this research we hope to gain a better understanding of how an organization can help its employees to get a better experience at work and to learn and develop in the workplace. In addition, we hope to gain insights into the development of individual learning and also the personal development of a coachee through the longitudinal research.

So what do we need?

In short, I am looking for coaches in Europe and Asia who have their focus on organizational topics (health, life and other non-organizational coaching areas are excluded). It is a long-term research and requires a combination of a coach and minimum of three coachees. Both parties are asked to fill out surveys over a three month period. More practical information can be found in the document attached.

In case I have caught your interest, please contact me directly via linkedin or email.

I am looking forward to your support!


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