Combine authenticity with value and multiply that with trust, equals winning and keeping your clients!

Authenticity is encouraging people to use their authentic voice as opposed to writing and marketing themselves in a way that they think they should. As a coach, you need to constantly ask yourselves the question: Would you buy your own services? Having to win and keep clients entails doing research about other services that stand out for them and consider what draws them in and how can they apply that to their own business i.e. colours, language, a feeling that is evoked.

Value means helping your clients find the brand values that help them stand out from the crowd and then using those to write content. I draw upon how attracting clients is a similar process to online dating i.e. how you can make your profile stand out from the crowd. You want to attract clients that you like and build a relationship with, so being explicit about your values will attract like-minded clients

The final formula, trust. There are three elements of trust:

  1. Trusting yourself – trusting your voice and trusting that if the business is feeling like hard work then it’s ok to change up what you are doing, trust those feelings.
  2. Getting trust for your business – this is about having good customer service policies in place so that the client knows that they are protected.
  3. Trust in the profession – this is about making a positive professional contribution to the profession to help build public trust and confidence in the profession.

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