Are you tired of working to build your business, tired of your marketing not bringing in enough paying clients, or just tired in general? Let’s consider whether quitting your business is right for you or not.

Are you ready to quit?

Before you do, I want you to think about all those entrepreneurs out there who said their biggest successes came right after they were going to quit, but they decided to give it their all, throwing everything into it to make it succeed.

How do you know when to quit?

It’s a tough one. It’s common to hear from my clients that they’re ready to give up their businesses. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure! Giving up is a big decision and might be the right one for you. However, you might just need to take some time out.

You may choose to coach a handful of clients while working part-time or full-time, or you may decide that being a business owner isn’t for you. All options are grand, but check in with yourself so that you won’t regret your decision. Know that you’ve done all you can, and even more, to make your business work. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know. Deep down, you’ll know if this is what you’re cut out for.

How important is it for you to succeed?

How important is it to find another way, a better way of building your business? Be really, really honest about this. If it’s one of those iffy, ‘Well, I’m not that bothered”, then that’s okay. Acknowledge your indifference and get clear on what it is you really want to do and are willing to commit to doing.

If it’s an ‘I am ABSOLUTELY going to make this work, it’s my dream. I know I can do it”, then think about what needs to change. If it’s not working now, why not? What could you do differently? 

It may be a case of learning something new, talking with other like-minded people to generate different ideas, or having some coaching. Figure out what’s not working and do something else, something new, or revisit something that has worked in the past.

Sometimes you need to invest in your business to take it to the next level, you don’t know what you don’t know. Sometimes you need to check whether it’s not your business that’s the problem. It could be the fear of being visible that’s holding you back from being all you can be and preventing you from that freedom and flexibility you so desire. Sometimes it’s just no longer what you want.

Dreams, desires and goals can change, and that’s absolutely fine. Far better to acknowledge that early on than to continue working on something we ultimately don’t want. As James Clear says, “An hour of thinking can save you a decade of work”. Is it time to spend an hour thinking about your business?

What if you fail?

You might be asking yourself, but what if I fail? I’d like to challenge you on that – What if you’re already on the path to success?  What if what you’re looking for is just around the corner? What if your journey was meant to help you realise your dreams weren’t all they were cracked up to be, and there’s something else amazing out there for you instead? Something you may not have even considered if you hadn’t been on your business journey.

Your action for this week: Write down all of the things that are working and those that aren’t, and then pull together an action plan to move you forward. It might be buying the local newspaper, going online to look for jobs, or pulling together an exciting new plan for growing your business. What’s next for you? Share in the comments below.

Success comes through taking consistent steps, the necessary steps required. It takes guts, time and energy. If you’ve got that and want success, then go all out. If not, find the right next step for you.

Meet Ruby McGuireBusiness & Mindset Queen| Master Coach | Mentor |Trainer | Speaker | Author – MCIPD, AMC, NLP Coach & Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Time Line Therapist and Mind Your Mind Practitioner.

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