No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. ~ Albert Einstein

This famous saying is the inspiration that is driving the current consciousness movement of leaders, lawyers and businesses. This is also the approach that Lorna Phillips, one of the brilliant authors of How to Win and Keep Clients, took as she invites the readers to lift their aspirations and consciousness as she offers a spiritual roadmap to guide their steps.

In the book, Lorna begins by introducing the readers to their spiritual management team comprised of their perfect business partner (their higher self), and three powerful business allies – Intention, Attention, and Love.

Here are some tips on allowing your spirit to guide you in business by Lorna Phillips:

  • Experiences of lack, fear and sense of doom that appear in the form of (among other things) a near empty diary, though scary, are readily overcome by appreciating that security lies not in your identification with your learned anxieties or the self-defeating stories you tell yourselves, but in the realization that your birthright is your spiritual nature. That awareness of this fact and learning how to regularly access this state facilitates the manifestation of your desires and that alignment with your purpose will hasten your success.
  • Success is founded upon setting clear intentions.
  • Be attentive to the occurrences that take place once intention is actively in operation.
  • ‘Love will find a way.’ Love will indeed have an aspiring solopreneur find a way.

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