0845-1730 (UK)

We are delighted to announce a global first – a 1-day conference aimed specifically at coaching Adolescents and Children.

During the day a ‘stable’ of highly experienced speakers will inform you, entertain you (hopefully!) and answer your questions about the benefits that coaching can, and does, bring to this sector.

Each speaker will also provide hints and tips for you to use within school, club and family environments. Much of the content is relevant to coaching adults too!

The event is jointly organised by:

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The School Wellbeing Alliance

Whatever your background in supporting children: coach, parent, teacher, carer – you are most welcome to attend this free event. You can log it as Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

This year’s inaugural theme is:

Helping children and young people build a stronger sense of self.

Helping children and young people build a stronger sense of self.

This topic is particularly relevant as many global members of the younger generations endeavour to recover from the social and mental health challenges resulting from lockdowns and other defensive COVID strategies.

What will you get if you attend this conference?

A deeper understanding about the benefits of coaching as a modality that can effectively support children and adolescents.   

Practical tips and tools on how to coach children and adolescents to build a stronger sense of self 

There will be 7 speakers throughout the day, each commanding a 45-minute slot. For maximum benefit, join us for the full day or, if your personal programme does not allow this, book for individual sessions. Look out for further details soon! We look forward to seeing you. Remember: 12 October 2023.

Meet Our Speakers

Colleen Murphy is an Accredited Child and Adolescent Coach who has focused on coaching young people with learning disabilities, with designations such as ADHD/ADD, social and emotional challenges, as well as autistic teenagers.

She has been an educator in both local and international schools in Asia, Europe and Canada. In addition to her Noble Manhattan coach training, she has a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management, and a Bachelor of Education.  

She is currently living in Canada with her family, working as an Inclusive Education Coordinator at a private school in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Tom Lewis is a certified adult and adolescent life coach and youth mentor. He has, since 2021, been building a youth mentoring charity in Oxford that provides professional counselling, mentoring and psychotherapy support to young people aged 14-23 in disadvantaged parts of Oxfordshire.

The Iuventas Foundation currently works in 4 schools, FE colleges and counselling centres and employs qualified professionals who are normally in private practice and give a day of their week to the charity and are paid an hourly rate by the charity. Last year we worked with around 40 young people with 3 mentors delivering around 400 1-1 sessions. Now in its second year, the charity has around 8 mentors.

In addition, Tom runs a private coaching practice and has previously worked for 20 years in a variety of teaching and management roles in state and independent education in the UK and Asia, including two headships. Tom studied Classics at King’s College, London and began his career in banking before moving into teaching in 2002.

Hermione Crawford is an accredited adolescent and adult coach and mentor. She is the School Coach at at two leading independent schools, Warwick School and Tudor Hall, as well as having a private practice, and has also worked within the state system in Oxford.

Hermione spends most of her time working with adolescents but also has helped many school and university leavers to discover their next steps, and understands the flow of school days into adult life. She has particular interest in managing stress and worry around exams, and working with social fears and anxiety. 

Before retraining as a coach, Hermione had a long and varied career as a journalist and editor for some of the UK’s leading consumer magazines and websites. She lives in the Oxon borders with her family, and helps out on the family farm.

Shari Lewison-Frisch set up her coaching business as a Family Crisis Coach in 2018, after qualifying as a certified IAPC&M Fellow Coach and Mentor, and works with parents whose teenagers self-harm.

Shari is an active member of the Mental Health Action Group, is a Speaker Ambassador for The Children’s Society and is also a school governor in a secondary school for Mental Health & Wellbeing, Safeguarding and SEND.

Shari also recently appeared in a Channel 4 documentary “Gemma Collins: Self-Harm & Me” which aired on 16th February 2022.

Rachela Leonello is an IACP&M accredited Master Coach and is the MD and Lead Trainer for the School Wellbeing Alliance and the lead academic for Noble Manhattan Ltd’s certificate and diploma training courses in child, adolescent and school coaching.

She is also a qualified mentor and supervisor to student and qualified coaches, mindfulness teachers, and is an experienced, registered psychotherapist, and counsellor with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

Rachela has worked in some of the UK’s leading schools and trusts. She is currently the Head of Wellbeing for Wetherby Senior School and also runs a private coaching, counselling and psychotherapy practice and consultancy.


Ian Jefferis is now in his third career and the one that to date has given him the most enjoyment.

He is an accredited coach and training provider; additionally, for the past 7 years he has been Noble Manhattan Coaching’s lead developer for its ground-breaking, IAPC&M-accredited Adolescent and Child Coach training programme. (Lead author and trainer: psychotherapist and school coach Rachela Leonello (AFC) – School Wellbeing Alliance).

He has recently founded Young Minds Coaching C.I.C., a Community Interest Company (not for profit) whose strategy includes seeking grant funding to support Adolescent and Child Coaching training.

Conference Programme

All times UK (GMT+1)

Zoom ‘Doors open’ 10 minutes prior to each talk.  Please aim to join at least 5 minutes prior to each slot.

Talks will start promptly as advertised.

0845 – 0850: Welcome
(Dawn Campbell/David Monro-Jones – IAPC&M)

0850 – 0930: Benefits of Coaching for Children and Young People
This talk will outline the benefits of coaching as a modality for children and young people and how to build a coaching culture in your organisation/school.
Speaker – Rachela Leonello

0945 – 1030:  Coaching Assertiveness and Dispute Resolution 
Practical coaching tips and tools to help children and adolescents assert themselves respectfully and effectively and resolve disputes in relationships.
Speaker: Rachela Leonello

1100 – 1145: Comparison and Co-existence
Tom will explain the difference between coaching, mentoring and counselling and how they can not only co-exist but also work well alongside each other when supporting children and adolescents.  
Speaker –Tom Lewis

1145 – 1315:  Break ( Lunch)

1315 – 1400: Coaching Peak Performance
This talk provides practical tips to help children and adolescents perform at their best – in all areas of their lives
Speaker: Hermione Crawford

1415 – 1500:  Coaching Confidence
How to help children and adolescents develop a stronger sense of self.
Speaker Ian Jefferis

1515 – 1600: Coaching Emotional Regulation
Shari offers practical coaching hacks to help children and adolescents feel more resilient and confident about regulating their emotions
Speaker: Shari Lewison-Frisch

1615 – 1700: Coaching Adaptations for Clients with Neuro-Diversity
Colleen looks at adaptations that can be used to help children and adolescents with neuro-diversity feel more resilient and positive about themselves and their lives. 
Speaker – Colleen Murphy

1715 – 1745  The Future of Coaching the Student Generations
Open forum discussion led by Ian Jefferis