This unique series of IAPC&M capability-based CPD webinar discussions are for your benefit. This schedule of 11 calls (one per month during 2020) will provide you with a supportive tool to help you better prepare for your live assessment call, thus increasing your chance of success first time around.

The fourth in our series covers the importance of Active Listening: The ability to focus on the client with complete attention and to notice and respond to the nuances of coaching themes. This forms one of the ‘dynamic duo’ that appears in all coach training, alongside powerful questions (the following session in the series). The discussion will cover the important skills required to really listen to what is said and unsaid, as well as paraphrasing, summarising, checking understanding and perspectives, as well as the use of language. Use of silence, as a technique, will also be explored.

We look forward to seeing you there. Please bring or send your questions for the panel.

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