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Introducing our special guest speaker, Jeremy Glyn, IAPC&M Accredited Coach, Therapist, Author, Mentor & Volunteer.

This webinar is open for anyone and everyone needing to be more confident about their future success.

During this 2-hour webinar on Commitment, you will be introduced to:

1. Why your New Year’s resolutions are likely to fail
2. Why achieving your objectives can be as “Easy as ABC”
3. How to benefit from the ‘ABC of Success’ model
4. What key elements of commitment you need to develop
5. The benefits of stretching your goals to the limit of your self-belief
6. Why careless use of language will sabotage your success

Watch the recording here:

Jeremy Glyn has 35 years experience of helping people unleash their potential. He has worked internationally in 11 countries, introducing practical applications of cognitive psychology to business boardrooms. By integrating these concepts with his kinesiology training he has created ‘Mindset Priming’ – described as an approach that ‘does for coaching what colour did for black-and-white television – it takes it to a whole new level’.

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Please feel free to share this complimentary opportunity, courtesy of IAPC&M, and with the permission of special guest speaker with anyone else who will benefit from attending, they are freely available to all practitioners, not just IAPC&M accredited practitioners.
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