Accredited Professional Development (APD)

Accredited Professional Development (APD)


Application Criteria

First programme has run and been evaluated
Strongly recommended
Total programme time (hours)* Various
Direct (student) contact
Recommended minimum contact hours
Contracting/agreements are covered in the course content
Accredited facilitator (delivering 25%+)
Coaching/mentoring practical experience
Coaching/mentoring record/log
Skills assessment
Skills assessment feedback (if applicable)
Self-directed study
Written assignments (marked)
Coaching/mentoring for students
If appropriate
Reflective practice Yes
Programme evaluation
Application fee £590.00+VAT
Annual renewal £195.00+VAT


*Total Programme Time – This is the number of hours of learning and provides an estimate to how long it will take a typical student, on average, to achieve the learning outcomes you have established; namely what they will know, understand and be able to do having successfully completed your programme. The estimate includes recognised modules, as-well-as the amount of time spent in preparation for these modules, along with independent reading, assignments, study, revision, assessments and the completion of course-work required on the programme, including coaching/mentoring practice.

*All training providers must allocate time on their course/programme to present the IAPC&M’s Code of Professional Conduct, Capability Model and ‘Why Accreditation Matters’ presentation.

*Students can apply for their Accredited Practitioner level providing they have attained a minimum 60 hours of relevant learning and completed a minimum of 60 hours practical experience

*The IAPC&M reserve the right to request further information in support of any application for accreditation at any level.

*Payment of the application fee does not guarantee accreditation.

*Successful accreditation is valid for three years.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

All accredited training providers enter into a service level agreement (SLA). This ensures that the highest levels of professionalism are maintained as well as ensuring regular two-way communication is available between the IAPC&M and you.

Accreditation Renewal

Every three years you will be required to submit evidence that your programme continues to be delivered at the highest levels expected by the IAPC&M and that you are following our Code of Professional Conduct. Full details of the process are provided when your reaccreditation becomes due.