Accredited Workshop (AW) Criteria

Accredited Workshop (AW) Criteria

Equivalent Level 3

Programme Criteria

First programme has been ran and evaluated Strongly recommended
Total study time (hours) 7-14
Direct (student) contact Yes
Recommended minimum contact hours Direct Contact

Accredited facilitator (delivering 25%+)

Coaching/mentoring practical experience Optional
Coaching/mentoring record/log Optional
Skills assessment Optional
Skills assessment feedback (if applicable) Yes
Self-directed study Optional
Written assignments (marked) Optional
Coaching/mentoring for students Optional
Reflective practice Optional
Programme evaluation Yes

Present IAPC&M Code of Professional Standards

Present IAPC&M Capability model Yes
Present IAPC&M ‘Why Accreditation Matters’ Yes

Accreditation valid for

3 Years
First Year £490.00
Annual renewal £150.00

NB: The IAPC&M reserve the right to request further information in support of any application for accreditation at any level.

Accreditation Renewal

Accreditation lasts for a period of three years. The reaccreditation process is designed to ensure that accredited members are continuing to practice at the highest levels of their profession in the industry and to maintain the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring’s Code of Professional Conduct.