The public are increasingly aware of the importance of working with accreditated coaches/mentors to protect themselves, their well-being and their hard-earned cash. 

Therefore, accreditation is a now a recognised guarantee of competence. Accreditation offers a quality assurance of service provision and accreditation ensures an individual’s/organisation’s competitive advantage.  So, accreditation formally recognises training, certification, experience, capability, competency and integrity.

Consequently, accreditation differentiates an individual/organisation from those that are not accredited; without accreditation there is no effective method of checking if required standards have been met.

The global landscape is changing:

For anyone still curious about why accreditation status matters, consider this:

  • Organisations of the future value career development
  • Competition for talent and skilled people is intensifying
  • Universal forces are remodelling the work environment
  • Businesses are increasingly focused on developing collaborative cultures
  • Coaches/mentors are pivotal in helping organisations co-create their vision and drive for business excellence
  • ‘Why should I work for you’ is replacing ‘Why should I employ you’?

The reality is simple. Accreditation matters. It matters to your prospective clients, so it needs to matter to you too.  Accreditation defines who you are and what you can do.

Accreditation distinguishes you from others in the industry who are not best in class. Fundamentally, accreditation creates a powerful differential.  So, if you want to make a difference too, apply now here