Someone said, “We are all in the same storm, but we are not in the same boat.” Ever since the beginning of this pandemic, our lives have never been the same, and each of us has been dealing with this storm differently.

Here’s a personal reflection that we would like to share from IAPC&M’s Accredited Fellow Coach, Manar Al-Dina, on how COVID-19 has changed her life:

These days the world is calling these thoughts something to ponder upon as we enter an era of 2020 which is far from what we thought it would be. We will live to adjust and make two kinds of preparations – the short ones for immediate needs and adjustments, and the long term which is still subject to change depending on where this pandemic leads us, for grander possibilities. We will still make big preparations but definitely with a different attitude in mind. We will come out triumphant still. After all, a life of triumph would proceed as such without an occasional “umph”.