One of the most overlooked but most essential factors with regards to winning and keeping clients: relationships. A successful business is not dependent on the best business card or website, but it is dependent on the relationships that you build, and the hearts that you ‘win’.

Winning hearts and creating powerful, authentic relationships will result in many clients and many business opportunities. It’s not about winning hearts during ‘office hours’ but always. It becomes part of who you are and the way that you live. The focus is never on business, or on profits but on building heartfelt and memorable relationships. The rest will follow, including many, many clients.

There are 4 essential components with regards to heart led marketing, which P.A.V.E the way for clients. We need to be:

P – Passionate

A – Attentive

V – Vocal

E – Exceptional

With passion, we have all that we need. Passion communicated effectively is contagious. If we love what we offer, then others will feel it too. We must be seriously congruent in all that we say and do so that we reflect our passion, and the message that we want to deliver.  Passion creates excitement. Passion attracts clients.

Attentiveness is also essential with regards to winning clients. Every day, we are surrounded with countless opportunities to build relationships and connect with hearts. But do we see them? I suggest becoming an observational expert and noticing the tiny details that most people ignore. Focusing on and being attentive to the needs of others will lead to new and enhanced relationships. How much do you know about the barista that serves you coffee every morning? Or the taxi driver that takes you to work? One conversation could not only brighten someone’s day; you service could change their life.

Being vocal, both through written and spoken word will maximise business exposure. I suggest “raising your volume” to be heard.  It’s possible to do this through both public speaking, and writing, and I share my ideas to help you do. People need to know about what you offer, and what you can do. Your words have power. Use them.

As for being exceptional? It’s easy to do, it makes the world a better place and will win you more clients than you ever thought possible because you will be remembered. Go above and beyond for your clients. Show them how much they are valued. Make them feel special. Ensure that every word and every small gift comes from your heart. Be exceptional, be memorable and make the world a better place by focusing on serving, not selling. Lead with your heart, and you will not only win clients, but keep them, and often for life.

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