90,000 hours of our lives are spent at work!

Yes!!! Did you know?

  • On average a working person spends 90,000 hours at work until retirement
  • 33% of the working population wants to resign from their current roles
  • By the age of 30, we may have shifted from 7 to 8 jobs!

How many people do you know decided on their major based on their parent’s influence or direction? or based on the last option available? or because they don’t know what to do? Many I know as well, and all this will lead us to be in a job that we hate! The unhappy population!

To be realistic we can hate our jobs for many reasons (same for loving it ):

  1. This is not what we want to do for the rest of our lives
  2. Bad Manager – rated the top reason to leave a company
  3. Toxic company culture – a second-best motivator to quit a role.

In all cases, we always have options in life (at least this is what I believe) and can be summarized to:

1) Stay unhappy and only nag about it. Sink in our misery because we can’t afford to leave or this is what we believe.

2) Quit our job: easier said than done, no jobs around they say 🙁

3) Change perspectives: look at it differently (doable, but how?)

Here are some ways you can unstick yourself from that job you hate:

1) Assess your situation and look at what can you do with your current role that will prepare you for your next move, how can you use your current job to learn something new.

2) Talk about your lack of engagement to your manager. Sometimes we tend to assume that they know and in reality, sometimes they really don’t and they are not faking it. Have a serious career conversation with them. If they can’t do anything about it, at least you voiced it and 50% of the problem is solved.3) Tell your network, (your smart network!), that you are looking for a new opportunity they might connect you to someone.

4) Focus on yourself and your self-development. When was the last time you learned something new that up levels your essential life skills and prepares you for your next move?

5) Take ACTION! Without action, nothing happens. Get a mentor, get a coach, start with the first step and once you do it, things will roll and your energy will shift into making your new role your new reality instead of focusing on how miserable you are in your current one.

I believe that it is crucial that you do what you love because it is the only way not to feel that you are working. It is what it is, and it is up to YOU to make the best of what is.


Do you want to spend 90,000 hours of your life unhappy? or you want to be BOLD and BRAVE?


Growth every day!

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